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Starberks Coffee Shop - seeking ACTIVE members!

hello! first post on here, and first post about my clan!

i just made it a few days ago, and figured i might as well try n reach out to the forums to see if anyone might be interested in joining! i’m hoping to make this a friendly little clan, nothing too serious :3c as long as we have fun!

there’s no team level requirement! as long as you can fight a bit it’s ok! i can currently clear an alpha mostly on my own (usually miss by about one more game! curse that long energy recharge haha), so even just a handful of members would be just fine!

let me know if you’re interested!

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bump! still looking for members!

I can’t find you clan :disappointed:

maybe i can add you manually! what’s your tag?

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SereneWraith I am level 23 with gold skullcrusher in my line up

That’s how you’ll know its me

You need to give them your whole ID, both the name and number.

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I can’t get into my game it keeps on saying reconnect have done everything so I can’t right now

My number is #6740

Invite sent!!

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bump! still looking for members! at least one or two! :3c

Cute name :wink:

thanks! :smile: i’m surprised nobody else made a similar pun yet haha

Got it and joined battling the beewelder beast

Can you invite my brother to our clan his tag is spryslash#9682

sure! invite sent!

bump! still looking for members! there are three of us now, but always welcome for more!

bump! we’ve got a 2 star bewilderbeast right now, if anyone else is interested in pitching in! :3c

bump! interest checking again :3c