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When do you get a seconden star, I have 2 5 star dragons but they have only one golden star. Do you get the next star by leveling up or did I miss something?


You must complete the training requirements that are after entering the dragon card. For Fanghook, for example, I need:


I also heard some people getting a 2 star dragon but I guess that was from breading or is that possible to?


This is possible because I got 2 * Zesty Zippleback and 2 * Tricky Timberjack myself when I passed a breeding tutorial after building. But only then, normally from the breeding, you get an not improved dragon.


That’s why you don’t skip content… Ahem.

If you could indulge my rude curiosity - what power level do 5*s start with? I have a suspicion that they also start around 400-500 and the real way to get to their advertised 1500 power levels is to go through the circles of hell… I mean the circles of training, as Szaddaj told you.


If you want, I invite you to our group of players on Discord


That invite has expired :pensive:. I am struggling a bit with best strategies for choosing dragons to level up and resource allocation and assembling teams and would love to be part of a more lively discussion!


Currently, you can find an invitation here, welcome.


Thx, see u there :+1: