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This thread will be about how i suggest the creatures in the game to be

• I do not go with the intention of provoking and inciting hatred
• You do not necessarily have to share my opinion, I do not want my opinion to be above that of others
• If you have any doubt, opinion, annoyance or whatever, do it with respect

Why start from 0
Aquilamimus was the only epic of 2.3 that was added, taking into account that something good was expected, its statistics and resistance are very bad, it ignored many things about its ingredients, therefore it must exclusively improve it

Haast Eagle G2

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It has been altered during updates, in speed and attack.
It is that it does not even have that much relevance in tournaments or in pvp. It doesn’t really change, but having 131 will allow you to perform better against cunning vs cunning.


she … well … she’s fine, it’s easy to leave her like this


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As I said earlier in Aquilamimus Advance The resistance to the Dot is totally useful in it, the distraction could still work in 50%, can run if or if, due to its total resistance, it can be stunned but has high resistance. both Hp and Speed ​​received a slight buff, aquilamimus only has the peak and stamina of poukai g2, so giving it 131 speeds would be pretty fair. Being a creature based on evade and distract, a fearless flap-like ability would be useful, It is a rather curious hybrid, you can take more advantage of its potential, I don’t know what Ludia thought when she gave those statistics.

And you, what do you think of Aquilamimus rework?

  • Yes, she need buff
  • Maybe, i don’t know
  • Nope, she is fine

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I would like Aquilamimus to be like that, like my rework :slight_smile:

Choose the next creature :slight_smile:

  • Poukandactylus
  • Entelolania
  • Ovilophosaurus

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