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Start from 0 | Erlidominus | #4

This thread will be about how i suggest the creatures in the game to be

• I do not go with the intention of provoking and inciting hatred
• You do not necessarily have to share my opinion, I do not want my opinion to be above that of others
• If you have any doubt, opinion, annoyance or whatever, do it with respect

Why start from 0

erlidom remains a creature that has always been kept in teams in nerf and buff, it was the first only one that some unlocked, but in 2.0, we witnessed that it dropped a bit, until we saw it in fewer teams, but for erlidom to return to its glory, we must first improve its components


I gave her cunning strike to make her more focused on the class she is, 50 more points of life will not dislike her

Tyrannosaurus rex

for a long time I wanted rex to be faster than carbonemys, now he has 104 speed and full resistance to this :smiley:

Indominus rex

from what they pointed out to me, it is pretty good now, I only increased the resistance to distraction (75%) because one of its components is completely resistant to it, but I reduced the resistance to vulnerability by 50% to make more useful fierce strike


I gave him full resistance to speed reduction for his hybrid to inherit, DI instead of DS for more utility in pvp


It seems very useful like that, but we would take more advantage of it if we give it full resistance to speed reduction, I was very VERY close to giving it 3.6k hp, but I chose not to give it. GR was awarded, why not?

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Start from 0 | Erlidominus | #4 《Advancement》

Note: I created this series and I am not going to leave it half as before jajaja

forget to put the edit, now if you can do it

I agree with everything on erlidom except giving It 100% decel resistance. I think It should be countered by resilient moves.

Great buff for Rex and velo tho

Erlidom buff is fine

Erliko doesn’t need to change

Velo shouldn’t change

Rex buff is welcome

Indom I actually think needs a nerf. It didn’t need the Crit chance buff and is made from a global epic and a pest. Ideally I’d get rid of FS on the current indom

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velociraptor gets cunning strike, because soon I plan to use that same sketch for “indoraptor start from 0”

It would still make if broken in common tourneys. It’s already one of the best creature there

Gliptodon beat you without problems to raptor

Glypto isn’t out yet, is likely overpowered, and it’s one creature. It shouldn’t be the only counter

there is also bronto, scola tricerarops g2, stego, euplo and more

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I think velo is fine with that buff. Almost any resilient common can easily kill It.

But the fact that it can output so much damage on the first turn should make it easier to kill on turn 2. Besides she can kill almost any creature in 2 turns.

The damage is the same as It is in the game rn. The second hit won’t matter to it’s counters as It will already be slowed.

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