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This thread will be about how i suggest the creatures in the game to be

• I do not go with the intention of provoking and inciting hatred
• You do not necessarily have to share my opinion, I do not want my opinion to be above that of others
• If you have any doubt, opinion, annoyance or whatever, do it with respect

Why start from 0

Indoraptor fell a lot, I don’t know why Ludia did it, I really would like to occupy it again, but she’s not in shape. so I decided to improve it, but first to its components

Before to start: New skill from Indoraptor

when he says “bypass dodge” he means that the creature itself will be accurate in 2 attacks. I gave him that “precision” skill because of the movie (it’s a positive skill, therefore it can be nullified)



a reused concept of raptor in short, it is well and balanced, but I gave it CS to improve it ~ More and better

Tyrannosaurus Rex

in t rex I made a small adjustment compared to skill, in Rex it would be this presented in this thread for the 2 cases. What difference does it make if Trex can use rend? after all your teeth are made for rending

Indominus rex


is fine as this, the same mind is a sketch Reused, I only increased the resistance to distraction and decreased the resistance to vulnerability


descarga (26)

Let’s see, I decided to change your kit completely, but at the same time maintain your class and Roly I opted to divide your skills in “2 Fierce and 2 cunning,” I added Fierce Resistances and Statistics Cunning, there can be counteracted. Precise Pounce is inherited and better Raptor (being 50% cunning and 50% fierce), gets Group shattering impact and cleansing shattering strike to deal with Resilient (At first I gave him group shattering rampage, but I relented)

What do you think of this Rework?
  • Yes! I love the rework
  • Mm…I feel like it’s going to dominat or other thing
  • No! I hate

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I hope you like it, which is the important thing and see other threads that I leave you here, here and here

I like it all with the exception of the indom buff, it’s already a pain to fight and is actually borderline broken, especially compared to its own rarity. You might say “resilient meta”. Well Indom can chomp like most other ones, so I don’t think thats gonna help much

man idk about you but you realise that indom was probably nerfed four times fold from the movie just to make this game balance and you want to nerf it again. it literally has venom in its teeth, was supposed to be 50 ft long, had armor, outsmarted humans meaning it should have cunning, almost killed a t rex and was going to win until blue showed up and was eaten by mosa. it took a mosa, 4our raptors, about 100 humans, a missile, about 40 guns, nets, tranqs and a t-rex to kill this thing, and the only thing that actually did was the mosa.
Iny shouldbe aunique

I based this thing on the jurassic world version and its still not as strong as it was in jurassic world. this game has no true way of describing that things power, or else it would have like 6 different moves, including sumoning velociraptors and carnotaurus.

Indy isn’teven broken, i would have kept the vulnerable immunity and taken the 75% resist. it only has one shattering move, do u see anyone using it in the op. if they are its cuz of variety and love for the dino. it is a beast when boosts and without boosts but its not op. its op compared to legendary cuz there are only like 20 relevant legendaries.

Well if you haven’t noticed Ludia doesn’t rly take the movies into account, I’m fine with indom as long as it isn’t broken, the current one has maybe 3 counters within its rarity. Guess who else had maybe 3 counters in its rarity, Indo2, Geminititan, Yoshi, Indom2. See a pattern here?

Also it was only ever nerfed in 2.0 when immunity was phased out and it lost 100 attack. What did it get in return? Shield break when SHIELDS ARE SUPPOSED TO COUNTER IT, as well as revenge cloak, it was also indirectly buffed as a lot of its counters were nerfed. Indom doesn’t look it, but it’s broken now and buffing it would mean that we’d lose it when it would eventually get gutted.

Indom is fine up top as Tryko, TenRex, Maxima, Gem, Lania, Mags, shall I go on? It’s the easiest legendary to make (yes even easier than draco and mono) and it also has few counters in its rarity.

If Indominus, the first genetically modified hybrid, is as strong as you claim, then all the other hybrids are on par or likely even stronger than it, but game balance should always come before the movies, and thankfully Ludia realized this

I don’t think any dino here would be stronger cuz indom wasn’t modified, they put at least 15 dinos in its dna so no matter how much the other dinos stats could be improved in real life, indom would have the best abilities, especially compared to erlidom which cant talk to raptors. it doesn’t appear that indo really can either for some reason.
personally i use indom and i have it at level 25 whic has 1964 attack and 127 speed, but i actually think that it is only the 3rd easiest creature to make cuz. draco has two daily global commons and monolono has 1 global and an area 4 creature. indom is pretty common now that rex is in raids and global, but i think indom should at least be stronger than most legendaries due to the fact that raptor, indom, and rex really dominated storyline.

Mono2 is L4 locked, and Draco/Trike need 500 a pop, they’re also day spawn only and the global spawns are super saturated with raptor. Rexy is a global epic, is featured in lots of events, and has a whole raid to itself. Not exactly hard to get ahold of, and it’s not that hard to get raptor or rexy.

That’s not how genetics work, besides game balance is clearly prioritized, indom is broken with only DSS, what your suggesting is something better than 1.14 moth, there’s a ton of people who would be against it.

Again, movies don’t rly matter here. Tha ya why indo raptor isn’t very good

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1 thing: Replace CSS on Indo with prowl.

oh no, i just made a dino that would be like jw version, i wasnt suggesting it to be in the game, in its description, i wrote. this dino was nerfed so the game would be balanced.

Op, Cloak + DSR = you die, RC + Ds = you die. Too bad you cant slow him

ikr, that;s the point, its not for the game, tht;s just the closest interpertation of the original indy that this game can handle. kinda like you cant see true form of it in human eyes