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Start from 0 | Spinoconstrictor| #5 | 《Advancement》

  1. What do you think that constrictor loses “On escape in evasive strike” and gets “No escape”
  • Yes
  • Mm…
  • Nope

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  1. A new ability for Dilopho G2, Dilophoboa and Constrictor
  • Yes
  • What?!
  • Nope

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  1. Constrictor wins Sidestep and fierce impact
  • Yes
  • I do not think so
  • Nope

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[wounding counter stays in Constrictor]

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New skill from Dilopho g2, dilophoboa and constrictor


Honestly I think it just needs a rework

Evasive Strike
Exploit Wound
Precise Rampage
Instant Distraction
Wounding Counter
100% Distraction, Decel, Swap Prevention

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This version allows for a more Cunning-Fierce focus, while still allowing for it to get beaten by most cunnings

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and what has spino 2.2? only the counter that not even that is directly from spino. She need a shattering attack

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Lol the last 2 options on the 3rd question :rofl:

I like the Idea of It having a fierce move but i don’t think It should have sidestep anymore

But It has 100% distraction resistance, If It is to be countered by cunning then It should give up some distraction resistance for it’s 100% decel resistance
Having precise rampage also contradicts this a bit, this ability is good on the epic titanoboa because it’s a resilient beating cunning creatures, Spinoconstrictor shouldn’t be beating them

Maybe something like this?

4350 HP
1200 damage
122 speed
0% armor
10% crit

Cunning strike
Lethal poison
Fierce rampage
Exploit wound

Wounding counter
On escape evasive strike
50% distraction, 100% decel, swap prevention, 75% stun

In this version It loses instant distraction but it’s more bulky and can easily kill any tank and some fierce with both bleeding moves and the counter, but also gets easily countered by any faster cunning creatures

I don’t think it needs lethal wound as it already has wounding counter, having instant distraction helps give it more survivability. Adding lethal wound and wounding counter will allow it to 2 shot anything that isn’t immune. Combine that with immune to decel and a few speed boosts this thing will obliterate anything that isn’t cunning.

Cunning’s beat it because it’s Attack was low.
I may have mislabeled it, as looking back know I see that was supposed to be a wildcard. I think that it could only dodge with the strike because otherwise it couldn’t reliably mitigate damage

@BenauGr_FZ 2.2 Spinocon takes a lot from 2.2 spino. The stats are identical and LW got changed to WC. That’s actually quite a lot

But isn’t that the point? Why shouldn’t It 2 shot the things it’s supposed to counter? Chompers usually 2 shot tanks, this isn’t any different as i see It. And there are some of them with ways to mitigate the bleed like cleansing and healing, even with with those moves on spinocon stuff like grypo and lania can still remove the bleed. And i gave It cunning strike for survivability

Is that a rework?

No thats current spinoconstrictor