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This thread will be about how i suggest the creatures in the game to be

• I do not go with the intention of provoking and inciting hatred
• You do not necessarily have to share my opinion, I do not want my opinion to be above that of others
• If you have any doubt, opinion, annoyance or whatever, do it with respect

Why start from 0

Constrictor has great potential, but his mediocre abilities limit him from being viable for the goal. to make constrictor good, its components need to be changed. [This is based on my personal level and listening to you creating a “half and half” version of this]

Before starting

resuming the bleeding side, the two abilities offer DoT (Damage over time)

Lethal poison: highest hp: reduce damage in 50% for 2 turns, 4 attacks

Dilophosaurus G2

I gave it a little more life, I do not see evil. serious posion is his new “strong” ability


She’s fine, she doesn’t need to change


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needs more life and more damage urgently, 3.9k life will be fine, 1.4k damage is more acceptable. the bad, you will no longer be able to nullify, but if you do DoT


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You only need complete resistance to speed (100%) and about 300 more life points, it is quite balanced, since it will not be exaggerated in rare tournaments (it will be in a tie with elasmotherium the same).


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what she needs is life, damage, resistances, abilities, therefore having FI, LP 4,2k of hp 1,2k of damage and 100% resistant to speed decrease, will make her work according to her rarity. it is overcome with resilient creatures, but it will still be difficult to eliminate it.
I was dry from changing On escape evasive strike to No escape, but I decided to listen to you.

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Start from 0 | Spinoconstrictor| #5 | 《Advancement》

Note: I created this series and I am not going to leave it half as before jajaja

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Is Lethal poison, no lethal posion. I sorry jaja

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I love It and overall agree with the rework and the new move fits It really well. My only criticism is it’s ability to oppress cunning creatures. As a cunning-fierce creature that is supposed to counter resilient and fierce alike, It shouldn’t have an ability that gives It an edge against cunning creatures. Sidestep allows It to outspeed faster speedsters, maybe trade It for instant distraction or even another bleeding move like lethal wound. The other thing is it’s 100% distraction resistance, since you gave It 100% decel resistance to deal with resilient effectively, i think It would be fair to give It 50% distraction resistance so cunning creatures can counter It effectively too.

it could still be 75% resistant to distraction. but Sidestep stays if or if :joy:

it would be the perfect counter for thor

Well sure, it’s your rework. But you realise that sidestep makes It good against things It shouldn’t counter(cunning) and makes It slightly worse against fierce, instant distraction would be way better against any fierce creature(including Thor, obviously) as It negates 100% of the damage as opposed to just a percentage like sidestep

Evasive stance might be a good option, you know, evade, but it doesn’t increase speed

True, but why would you need dodge If instant distraction is a better option? Honestly I don’t think It needs dodge If it’s countering fierce and resilient. Dodge is actually less effective than distraction against fierce and both just don’t work against resilient moves anyway. So to me It seems like instant distraction will give It more of a advantage.

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I didn’t even realise lol

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