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we have a similar ideal haha :smiley:

No group impact is a dealbreaker. Just give thor group shattering rampage and its good.

I just want thor have both GSI & DSR then give him 20% armor and with the same resistant.

Then thor loses its raid utility


In place of fierce impact.


It needs to be available turn 1 though. GSI makes more sense.

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Pls no, 1800 damage with a 40% crit chance on a prority move that stuns? Sure thats balanced for higher arenas, but i’m already having enough trouble with boosted level 24 thors in jurassic ruins.

We already have enough fierce creatures with resilient moves, Thor is better being just fierce. Not to mention It will mess up all it’s counters. That’s a no no to me.
Also, why APR? Just give DSR back in place of fierce impact and keep group shattering impact for the raids

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