Started fusing Magnapyritor!

I have been scraping irritator DNA from random incubators for a while and finally got enough Pyrritator DNA for two fuses. Ended up getting 30 Magnapyritor DNA lol. Have to tell myself this isn’t too bad cuz it could’ve been 20 LOL. Hopefully this sick creature gets a health buff in the next update. It’s great but a lv21 unique with 2000 something health is just meh😑image


I’ve got a ton of pyritator DNA, but need dimetrodon. I could get mine to level 18 right now, but will save my coins til I know I have the DNA to get it to 20 so I can start fusing too.

Dimetrodons are abundant where I live. I need irritator bad.

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I’ve got both. I need coins.

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Awesome progress man as long as the fuse doesn’t give negative that’s bona-fide progress! :smile:

Thanks man! But getting 20 can sometimes be devastating lol

I’m in exactly the same boat - 30/250 - one 10, one 20; need Irritator!

Have like 4k irritator and 3k pyro. Dimetrodon still lvl 18 though :unamused:

I’m up to 40 from 4 fuses lol like 1 fuse a fortnight ATM I live near fire station it’s the irritator dna that hurts

They seem to swarm my area I used to ignore them before my pyritator turned 20 lucky no migration yet lol

I was meant to say 10 but instead I said 20 lol. 20 isn’t bad tbh it’s getting 10 that hurts. Hopefully we will have irritator week soon

I hear you man. I’ve been working on this guy for a while now and the worst part is, even if I manage to pull an 80 and create this beautiful beast, I won’t be able to have him on my roster because he crumbles like wet paper after like one hit :joy::sob:

Before I realized it was used for this magnificent beast I was using Dimetridon for Postmetridon for Tryostonix… So my Dem is still only 14 with enough to get to 16…

I need the irritating Irritator. I’ve been at Badlands and Lockdown since the tournament ended to farm Irritator but it’s so painfully slow. Pyrritator is 4 DNA away from level 20