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Started over


So im trying to find out why both of my sons Jurassic world live games have been restarted? They both have the app on iphones and both restarted over within minutes apart


Probably they are hackers.


Umm no that’s not the problem


Its happened to me aswe yet my partners account hasnt changed. Im beyond annoyed


Hey Ray_Cisneros, were their games connected to a Facebook or Game Center account? It’s possible that they might have logged out of their account which would cause it to sign out of the game as well if they were linked. Try reconnecting back to either Facebook or Game Center and see if that helps. If you’re still having issues, our team would be happy to help if they reached out to them here at with their support key. If they don’t remember their old support key, provide our staff with the old Gamertag and new support key.