Startin over


Hi i was on level 8 and opening my game today i had to start at the beginning. How do i get my old game back that i built up?


This has also happened to myself over a week ago. Unfortunately I haven’t heard a response back yet and I’m just playing again hoping to hear something soon. Sorry


Hi thanks for responding. Thats very unfortunate indeed. :persevere:


Are you signed in to Facebook and Google?


Hey Petro_Surgeon, I’m sorry to hear about this, let me see if I can help you get your progress back. If your game was connected to your Facebook account, could you try logging into it again by going into the game settings menu and selecting “log in”? You might have to complete the tutorial in the game again before you can access the in-game settings menu to sign in.

If this doesn’t help, could you please contact our support with your old support key? You can reach out to them here at; they might be able to provide you with further assistance.