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Starting from 0 | Smilonemys | #1

this thread will be about how i suggest the creatures in the game to be

• I do not go with the intention of provoking and inciting hatred
• You do not necessarily have to share my opinion, I do not want my opinion to be above that of others
• If you have any doubt, opinion, annoyance or whatever, do it with respect

Why start from 0

I feel that Smilodon, Pachy and Carbo, would be an excellent fusion, but I must emphasize that they need a little love, as well as their hybrids, Currently having resistances, shields, priority are fundamental in the current goal, therefore, to improve Smilonemys, we must give love to its components


I decided to give it SDS so that beginning players can get a good benefit of it, I changed RaR to IaR in exchange for it to focus and maintain its “resistant-decelerating” identity and I gave resistances that would help their skills and class


You just need to have more distraction skills, that’s why I changed ES to CS, to be more distracting than evasive, I added one more point of speed because I find that cats must run a lot (except they are not resistant like the marsupial lion). I added resistors to facilitate their rol of “cunning-mixed”


How can it be cunning, since a component is resistant? for that reason I changed it to “resistent-cunning”, also obtaining SDS and including useful resistance for pvp
need more pachy expertise in statistics. is cunning-resistent


He doesn’t need more damage, but I still wanted to add 1k damage, the full resistance to the reduction will help his hybrid. his skills are balanced for his class.


Nemys needs a direct carbonemys skills, he only gets his armor and SLIGHTLY resistance buffs. but a basic hit of the turtle on nemys would help him play in the sand without being OP. inherits superior vulnetabily, helping her work with her “resitent- cunning” class, increases damage due to carbo having 1k damage, it is balanced in my opinion.

"Dig in prowl" is the mix of “Dig in” and “Prowl” haven’t priority

Note: I created this series and I am not going to leave it half as before hahaha


I would like the priority, but first comes the balance :ok_hand: :pensive:

Pachy is kinda a beast now, but the strike doesn’t hurt. What does is the rampage, which it should keep as pachy is an in-and-out creature, which used to be shared with miasaur and still remains in its hybrids. That’s its only real form of output, so it should stay


I think RaR must be lost to get SDS (their hybrids will have RaR)

But it allows pachy to take on titanoboa and other creatures. It compensates for the lower-than-average damage

do you think i should keep it?

Yes. Pachy is a solid epic as of now. It has a great moveset that works well with everything. Probably the best jack-of-all trades in terms of epics. Not too fast or too slow, hits a fair bit, but not too hard, and has utility, but isn’t crazy in it


This is the perfect nemys buff thank you for creating this I hope ludia takes this into consideration

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Thanks! :smiley:

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The priority would actually be bad for nemys. It benefits much more If It isn’t priority

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I like it strong but not too strong


I like the stats nemys has now, 4200 HP is really good and for that HP 1100-1200 damage is fine, but i love your kit, i would like It with a kit like that

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I think the lower hp for higher attack is better especially with SV and double rampages

@Thylo_75 is that that is the point, a lot of life, more 50% armor, more SV and then PP or RAR makes it dangerous, I do not see a need for more life

No, i mean 4200 HP for the damage It has now, 1100. As a nemys user, i can say It is way better with more HP than with more damage. I’d gladly maintain the stats It has now but I’d love the kit proposed here. I just think It works better this way, at least in my experience. It can deal with cunning creatures significantly better now with those stats, so i wouldn’t change them.

I am also a user of nemys and I feel that it lacks spark, spark that would ignite with damage or vulnerability skills

more ph is always welcome, but he’s got enough with 3.9k, 50% armor and dodge

You= team hp
Y= team attck


I’m glad to know that you liked it :smiley:


Yaay, finally some love for nymes. I absolutely love the new kit and stats as well and the change for smilocephalosaurus. The only thing is I have a feeling immune to speed deceleration might be a little too much considering how much armor and damage this thing can absorb.

Yeah I’m team HP :rofl:
Though we both love the kit

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bt if it faces velo and its at low health and wants to heal, velo kills it with high pounce before it has a chance!

for smilocephalosaurus, you forgot to change the class from cunning to cunning-resilient. Now a cunning creature has shields and deceleration