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Starting my own Youtube Channel

Looking at starting Youtube channel for casual JWA play. Forgive my cringy introduction. I will get better. Promise. :slight_smile:


Well all the best :+1:

Normally if you don’t get into covering a game from the get go it hurts your chances of making a channel dedicated to it.

However you have a unique opening. Three of the big channels for this game haven’t covered the two new dinos as of checking their channels again to make sure and at the time of typing this. Two of them are a little busy at an event for another game and the third is really getting into a different game and only mentioned Nasutoceratops being released in a -different- Jurassic game.

If you put out a few more than 2 a week, even simple ones covering something new, you’ve got a decent chance to succeed.


I don’t expect to be big. Just something to help promote the game really. If I can get a few followers I’ll be pleased.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

I’ll certainly try. Just depends on work and family commitments.

A brief look at the new dinosaurs from the weekend. Sorry for the shaky cam. I need to find a stand for when I film at home.


Woohoo! You go man!

Wish the gamingbeaver signed into Ludia Forums he has a good YouTube channel too, he plays Jurassic World the game and Jurassic world alive alot, hes super funny too.

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Gamingbeaver’s a great guy, but the fact that he refuses to believe we fight real people infuriates me.

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You’re not alone on that one… it triggers me so much arrrhgghhh

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Why does he think that?

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I have no clue

Probably the unfair matches i guess, i understand the frustration but keep on trucking.