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Starting New Game

Is there a way to reset or start a new game short of uninstalling the app?

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Hey Stillian, if your game is connected to Google Play and you disconnect your account, you’ll be able to start a new game as a “Guest”.

However, there is a risk of losing your saved data from device crashes, updates, or deleting the application, if you’re playing as a Guest account.

I have deleted my Google account game data but when I connect again after reinstalling it’s all back to where it was. Does Ludia keep game data on their servers? How do I reset my game AND use Google Play?

If you use the same google account after restarting a new account it should overwrite your old account. I believe there’s a message that indicates this as well.

Please contact support with your support key and they will be able to reset your data for you. Please note that any purchases you have made will not be saved.