Stat boost help

Hi, I was looking for some help on how to boost Antarticovenator as I am planning to use it. I didn’t really know what was needed for it: high HP, high damage, high speed? So, if you have any suggestions on how to boost it that would be awesome :smiley: Inspiration on your own Antarticovenator’s is very much welcomed too! Thank you for your suggestions.

I’d go with a 13/13/4 boost spread. It mostly needs attack and hp with a little bit of speed


ah abt to say that, its main thing is its counter and revenge definite rampage.

so going second is actually good aa its immune to distraction and has 75% stun resist.

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Is there any stat boost guide available?

Thanks for the suggestions @Roaring_Raptor @ProWithNonMetaDinos! I will keep them in mind.

@Orkeva check out this website: Antarctovenator | Dinodex | Jurassic World Alive - JWA Toolbox


I don’t have mine near fully boosted yet, but I plan on using something like 5/15/10. Attack is definitely the most important to boost to make use of the unblockable Revenge Definite Rampage.