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Stat Boost - How Do You Use Them?

Alright, in my alliance there is a lot of confusion and hesitation to use a Stat Boost. Lots of us including myself are not wanting to “waste” them or use them on the wrong creatures.

  1. How do you recommend using Stat Boost?
  2. Which creatures do you use them on?
  3. Are they worth using on an Epic?
  4. Should you use a Speed Stat on an already fast creature? (incase you fight a same level)
  5. Do they stay on your creature forever?

These are just some quick questions i threw together. What is everyone using them doing that is having success?

The battle system is so messed up right now. I can’t get into a battle most times because the time out. Sometimes I get in and then mid fight it will drop connection. Then when I finally do get into a battle that is actually working, I will get destroyed majority of the time by Stat Boost. It’s very annoying and I’m about ready to use the ones that I have. I just refuse to pay any real money for any, only taking the freebies.

Thanks for the help!

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at first, my strategy was to use them to level up a “matchmaking” friendly team. so not load my team with uniques to keep my team score down and add lower rarity creatures with boosts that could cause major damage and stay under the radar… with matchmaking broken as it is now its all fir nothing…

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  1. I would only use them on unique dinos to make the strong even stronger
  2. Same as 1. :smiley:
  3. Not really
  4. Yes why not, just to keep the turn 1 advantage
  5. yes the are permanent
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Step 1 - get your ATM card handy :wink:


My Magna is level 24 right now, I’m thinking of using the speed boost on it. Would you all consider this a wise move? Would you add anything else to it? i feel Magna is pretty good overall, it just needs a little more speed.

My team is:

Utasinoraptor (25)
Stegodeus (28)
Thor (24)
Trykosaurus (24)
Magna (24)
Indoraptor (25)
Erlidiomimus (26)
Tenontorex (23) - ready for 24, just need coins.

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Yes, I did a speed boost on magna to win the matchup against Indo and it’s working well for me


yes. because itll bring it to team level and make it quicker against its counters. but honestly at this point there are tier 4 and 5 speed magnas out there so there really isnt a good strategy without spending. its all broken.

if you arent spending and just collecting then sit back and wait for this crapshow to be cleared up.

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Boost Postosuchus, it will hit like a truck.

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And it’s speed.

The new top player: drops an entire bank on the game


Well, i’m using the stat boost on my pterovexus to recreate the old statistics of the monomimus 1.14, now it is very useful for me with the swap in evasion

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  1. To augment the strengths of a Dino and slightly mitigate their weaknesses.
  2. Dino’s that will help you succeed in strike towers. Be careful right now boosting your regular strike team. Boosts will be ‘wasted’ on dinos You might bench unless they can be repurposed for towers or tourneys. Use them on Dino’s you love to make them better
  3. If that epic has a viable place in a strike team, yes. I’ve used a few boosts for n my suchotstor even.
  4. If you boost a fast creature speed you can surprise people and if a Dino with speed control doesn’t alter their own speed you might be able to mitigate their slowing move if you boost it past their speed and a 50 reduction
  5. Permanent.
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i used to have monomimus in my team as well at level 22, then it got nerfed and a hybrid lol ugh. now i can’t get enough Darwin to make the hybrid.

well… i’m balance boosting all my team, keeping same team as 1.6.
about 1 or 2 months and everybody will have their SAME team, but boosted. and we’re back to 1.6 meta. maybe with some little changes including new dinos (like top players using now erlikospyx)

I’ve mainly been investing mine into a single dinosaur…utasoniraptor. I did give one speed boost to my level 23 Tenontorex and one health and damage boost to Erlidominous. Most of my team is 21-23 so my Utasoniraptor is quite a beast at the moment :slight_smile:

Here is a question I haven’t seen yet. How many boosts can you apply to a single dinosaur before it modifies your team average?

It seems to account for tiers like levels my team level without boosts is like 21.65

With boosts id put it closer to 23-24

I tend to be matched against teams with higher leveled but unboosted dinos… im facing more and more 25 unboosted trykos… not sure if those guys are dropping and falling into my range or if match making is tring to work.

The end result though is someone who has put time and effort to grind out level 25 trykos getting beat cause my boosted 22 tryo has higher attack and health then a lvl 25 with 146 speed.

Thats the issue that 25 tryko should be a monster for me to deal with but cause it was unboosted. My level 22 was like “levels lol”

So it takes into account for them with boosts as little as tier 2-4… but not enough to make a huge difference. A lvl 22 tier three boosted team can beat a lvl 25 unboosted team on speed boosts alone and match making doesnt seem to consider this.

How on earth do I even buy stat boosts? Not that I want to, I’m just curious