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Stat Boost Overhaul

We all know that Stat Boosts are broken and despite many people’s best efforts, it is almost impossible to progress in the arena with out them. A large percentage of the JWA players hate stat boosts, so we need to come up with ideas for an overhaul. In my opinion, as many people have said, it is very difficult for them to be removed from the game entirely, probably for legal reasons, but I think if they are done right, it could be a real asset to the arena, so here are a couple of ideas.

Stat Boosts are not available for purchase and not available in strike events ( like the one happening today),but instead of health, attack and speed boosts, you can get boosts for specific creatures, i.e Raptor Boost, Tyranosaurid boost and so on. Firstly, this would reduce the amount of boosted Creatures in the arena, because you can only get one from the arena incubator a day and of course, you can only use it on a specific creature. Secondly, there would be a maximum of using 5 boosts on a creature. By that I mean you could boost the health twice, speed once an attack once and then the creature was boost locked. Next, the percentage increase would be slightly less. Let’s say we have a Rex. You boost its speed 5 times. The speed would only increase by 20, so a 4 speed increase each boost. So for health and attack, the increase every time would be 4%. This bring more balance. Finally we need something like a bypassing move that temporarily removes boosts on the target creature for the duration of the battle. So a status condition, “stat boost disabled” unlike other negative effects, swapping out does not cure this.

So what do you think ? Could it work and what are your ideas


Boost cap per dino and not per stat is the best solution in my opinion too. It would diversify a lot the meta.
I also like the idea of boost "per type":smile:

Thanks. I mean I think it could really benefit the game

I think the boosts should exclusively be available for common, rare and epic creatures. Many of them have very good specs but are by default inferior to legendary’s and unique’s. Boosts should enable to upgrade them to a level where they can actually compete with these creatures and therefore bringing more diversity and balance to the arenas. Also the boosts shouldn’t be as high up as they are now, and indeed, maybe even dedicated to a few specific creatures at a time.


I kinda like the boost per creature type too but I do think a cap at tier 5 per is how it should b…I just ran into a lvl 24 Thir boosted to tier 6 or 7 I believe…one shotted my whole team…unreal for sure

Something needs to change for the good of the game, but I’m sure it will go unnoticed