Stat boost poll

Can’t say for sure if it will kill the game or not. A happy player is more willing to spend money on a game they enjoy.

We can ask for an unboosted arena all we want. Ludia get to decide if they implement it or not. They’ll have better analytics of the scenarios then we will. best way to test it would be rotating a boosted season and an unboosted season if they are thinking about implementing it.
i also see doing one season boosted and the next unboosted as a better option than just two separate arenas. Won’t split the player base as much. (people can sit out, but it’s not much different than now)

In the lifetime of boosts, 1 to 2 million perhaps. They will not refund but HC. If they refund, we can expect the game to close the next day.

Actually they would just close the game rather than refund a single cent over boosts.

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An unboosted arena in Ludia speak is a tournament without the prizes and with lvl 26 default setting.

I rather they find a solution to either remove it or make boosts less effective as opposed to leveling and strategy.

what are your thoughts on if boosts in this game were more like the ones in JWTG? As opposed to just reducing the stat gains from boosts all together.

I disagree. The only reason it would kill the game is if the seasons gave useless/overly common DNA like Stygimeloch… Oh wait Ludia might kill the game with 2 arenas after all

What I would say is this.

Boosts themselves aren’t the problem, it’s speed boosts that are the issue.

When Ludia asked if we wanted to see a TRex as fast as a Velociraptor pre boost launch, I don’t recall anyone saying yes. That’s because anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that a TRex would never be as quick as a Velociraptor, and to take away the only real balancing factor in the arena would just be crazy.

But Luda did and they’ve tried all manner of configurations to make them work. With no success because no matter how hard you try you will never fit a square peg into a round hole.

It’s way too far down the line for Ludia to get shot of them now though. But they could do away with the speed boosts and replace them with armour or crit boosts. That may work, but then we meet another problem, speed ties and that opens up a whole new can of worms… :man_facepalming:


Wait, they didn’t make any money on JWA before they introduced boosts?

And almost nobody does friendly battles, because you get no incubators for winning them. Trust me, I have tried.

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Do you really think the revenue stream maintained itself? In the early days people bought deals and coins, a lot of people dont spend money on those things any more hence the need for something else to buy… boosts.

Theoretically speaking, this game could close down anytime. Anyone who spent money on this game whether it be VIP, boosts, incs, etc would lose any money invested. I could be wrong but isn’t it in the TOS that purchases are nonrefundable?

My point is, if they leave boosts and the game dies, you lose that money. If they remove boosts and the game dies, you lose that money. You take that chance when you choose to invest in a mobile game. They don’t owe you anything if the game were to shut down one way or another. Their best bet would be to find a happy medium that would at least make both sides happy. Just my 2 cents…


not familiar with JWTG. What boosts are those?

And it could do so again. They could make money on things besides boosts. Thinking that boosts are the only road to profitability is limited thinking. And eventually, they will run their course anyway.

Jurassic world the game. It’s a park builder.
The boosts in that game (called mods) are 1 time use items that apply different effects such as:
increased attack, increased health, lowering the enemy’s attack, bleed effects, counter attacks and a bunch of other effects.(nullifying other mods is also one) There are rarity classes for them, so better rarity usually means a stronger effect. And only one can be used per dino.
The game has health and attack stats for each dino, but not speed as combat is turn based.

was thinking Ludia could take inspiration from that and tweak it to work in an JWA’s combat system. The boosts of course, if changed to a temporary/ limited use, would need to be cheaper and have a longer applied duration than just one battle.

Speed ties are one issue that could be solved via RNG or micro activity (hit the JWA image first when it appears)

That is something that was part of the original game and also if you know a speed tie is coming you will be less likely to be caught panic clicking.

Armor boosts are a non-starter since they would be either completely useless if too little or completely game breaking. 1 word: Carbomemys. Armor boost that with say the same speed boost elevation and its 100% immune to attack except AP, Definite and DS moves.

Crit boosts are kinda similar in OP issue. Those who have high crit will be made higher and thus effectively have 80% crit chance. 100% +++ when combined with Prowl/RTC.

Both boosts would make creatures with low crit/armor into slightly stronger creatures but tilt the balance towards already high armor/high crit creatures. A 90% armor Smilomemys has nearly no counters. A 80% Thora will be the new hated cheap shot dino that noobs use.

The way JWA is, Ludia would rake in a lot in boosts sales in the short term then have a massive player exodus when the game becomes a have boost versus no buy boost game.

Would prefer boosts say do half their current effect and/or have a lower ceiling. So maybe 30 boosts but no stat can be higher than 15 instead of 20. Each boost tier gives 1% upgrade.

Of course. I would rather boosts be removed or repurposed so players can spend less time on arena and its rather frustrating aspects and actually explore the world.

Ludia has a good game but spoiled by its bad decision making. Greed might be a reason but its not greedy in a smart way and gives away easy return customer money opportunities to pursue 1 time purchase game breaking money.

Trainer bundles versus boosts.


Why should an unboosted arena get less than a boosted one? Seen this a few times, but its never made sense to me.

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Boosts would have brought them some money but they should have had multiple revenue streams. Trainer bundles, skins, FIP items, sanc locks and many more. Instead they got stuck on boosts and wondered why the revenue was dropping.

Essentially its a ROI thing. If you make both equal, most players who wanna save money will go to the unboosted arena thus making the boosted arena a ghost town and a nightmare to anyone who wants to enjoy arena without getting mulched 3-0 10 times in a row.

Also if you have both arenas equal, why should anyone buy boosts? The unboosted arena probably gives better odds of success for cheaper buy in. 1 reason is RNG. Speed ties and less serious damage when luck doesnt go your way.

there’s really no other way to put it. Why would someone spend money to purchase boosts if they can play unboosted and get the same or better rewards? The boosted arena having a more in demand reward would, in theory, incentives players to purchase boosts to climb the ranks, thus securing income for the game. It is still a shortsighted strategy.

I am against 2 arenas simply because its a waste of developer resource. Have 1 arena but make arena less important. JWA now resembles 1 of those statues were a certain part is much larger than its supposed size and thus its gross rather than aesthetically pleasing.

JWTG exists so what is the point of 2 dinosaur fighting games which are by Ludia. Make exploration and PVE more important. Maybe have better daily missions or have more towers with cool themes or restrictions.

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