Stat boost refund tokens – A Scam…?!


After reading the notes of how the new boosts refund would look like:

Does this mean we need 1 token to take away, for example, ONLY speed, or health, or armour?

For example. Will this mean i need 3 tokens (S+H+A) to take away all of them on 1 dino?

In this case, for a team with 8 dinos I would need a total of 24 tokens…?


What means with consumable item?
1 token will cost like 500 green cash…?
24 tokens will cost 12.000 green cash?

The worth of total 30 boosts are 60.000 green cash!

Or will the tokens be more of 5000 green cash…? 5000 per token…? 15.000 green cash for a total of 3 tokens…?

Many questions to ask. :man_in_lotus_position:t5:


Most likely 1 token will cost 20000.

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It could be that we get the opportunity to win the tokens.

Once a week/fortnight/month there could be a strike tower which gives a token if you beat it.

A token could be added to the upper levels in the monthly championship.

I would have made the tokens more of an easy to obtain item like maybe you get a couple a week from doing tasks and they could just allow one single boost return with no penalty.

We may be getting upset over nothing here so I think it’s best we wait and see.


We could also get tokens the same way as boost including events, seasons, etc. Let’s wait and see how they work out or are optionable first


IMO, It sounds as if Ludia didn’t want to make it easy for us to stay in the game.
They basically owe us one boost reset for the resilients rework. So they should at least give us enough tokens to remove all boost from one 30/30 creature at tokens’ release.
After that, it comes to see what’s cheaper. Buy new boosts or refund them with tokens? It might turn out that it is still cheaper to wait and buy new boosts with your hard cash…

The game must be currently very enticing for the suchs as IDTG & family. But for us mortals that have been stuck with the same boosted creatures for 10+ months it’s getting too close to the point of saying goodbye :frowning:


Agree, we have to wait to see what Ludia will come up with! What I like about token vs a full boost reset, is the fact that everything shall be gradual now, instead of: We get a full boost reset, and next day, everybody is running the same 8 best dinos, making the meta absolutely boring. Hopefully, Ludia won’t be greedy, so if we get enough of them for “cheap”
and regularly, so it should be good for the game. Meta will not change slowly overnight but gradually. Time will tell.


They could’ve implemented this token based stat boost system - after giving one last boost reset/shuffle for all. Ludia knew they can’t monetize this if free boost reset/shuffle is offered, that’s why they straightaway went with the token system.


All I’m going to say is… this is my idea from almost a year ago. If implemented well I see it as a great thing for those of you still holding on to this dinosaur (see what I did there) of a game.

They just keep talking about tokens that never come, so that you can stop complaining about the boost reset with some hope and wait patiently. Look, the last boost reset was in May/2021, and we have been waiting forever since then after changes to so many dinos including the change of a whole class.

The initial communication from Ludia about some forms of boost reshuffle was in Nov, so we waited, and then Dec, so we waited, and then Jan about tokens, and we waited. I think it’s very likely that tokens will NOT be offered in the next update, but it will be mentioned so you can keep waiting.

I think they will have different kinds of tokens if they ever come. They may even have tokens that can only give one boost back to you for each token. Just don’t expect it will be much cheaper than the current boost refund.

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They’ve told us in their community update post that boost tokens are coming in March in update 2.14 (pending any changes). What they haven’t told us is exactly how they will be implemented. So I think before we get out the pitchforks (as we like to do on this forum) we wait until we have more information. Maybe they are going to give us some upfront or have them in strike towers or something. The post was very vague and they did tell us to be patient with it.

Edit to add: We can’t really call something a scam when we don’t even fully understand it and they haven’t given specific details on it yet.


At this time, with the lack of precise information about tokens, I find very unethical what ludia’s doing with boosts.
It feels like our boosts have been kidnaped, and in march, finally, we are going to be able to pay a ransom to get them back. It gives a very poor image of the company and that’s not good for anyone.
Everybody would be happier if they had provided more specific information in their communication update so we don’t have to rely on datamines or uncertain interpretations.
I can’t undertand who benefits from being vague.


Maybe because they don’t have the exact plan for them yet? Better to have ALL details finalized and then share with us, rather than say something is going to happen now and it changes by the time they are implemented. They said they would share more details as the time got closer.


They may not have hammered out the details yet themselves. What’s the point in giving us details if they don’t yet exist? They’ve told us the plan is to use tokens from now on and not to expect anymore resets. They paint themselves into a corner if they say one thing now and then in March come out with something else.

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You’d prefer the token solution to mine, which would be to remove boosts from the game entirely. Always makes me chuckle that the guys who moan about swap-in ability binos calling them rats that require no skill to use, in spite of using a swap in wrong having a heavy downside, are also the ones who have heavily boosted dinos to op their opponents (cos that’s skillful!).


Boost were supposed to add variety for end game players.

Someone mentioned in the other thread about the top 100 players and using the same creatures. Then that everyone basically is boosted the same and the matches are predictable and it’s just the same stuff and boring since everyone knows what the layout is.

So it seems that in that aspect boost have failed and it’s back to end game speedties unless some decide to boost differently which I assume isn’t as common as ludia anticipated.

I’ve always hated boost.



i’d rather wait for ludia to do a proper reset than wasting 20000 for 1 refund.

They said no more resets :joy:


ik, i mean rather than this update drop, might as well wait.

One token for 1 stat boost type on 1 creature. GROSS

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Depends on how easy they are to earn, how much they cost in the store, and how many they give each of us off the bat.

So yes, potentially gross if they abuse their audience - but other games charge the equivalent of what would be 5-10 hard cash so it may be reasonable. Not holding my breath but too early to say at this point.

Also, I’d remind Ludia that this something that used to be free and to keep that in mind.