Stat Boost Reshuffle

Do you think there should be a FREE stat boost reshuffle at the beginning of every JWA update to help mitigate creature Nerfs and Buffs?

Stay Boost Reshuffle
  • Yes
  • No

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Only for the creatures that were impacted by stat/ability changes.

I think we should have a stat boost shuffle every time they release a new Apex boss, that way we can fit our boosts for the raid creature we need at the same time as seeing how well that raid creature fits in our PVP teams.


Sounds good to me :+1: unfortunately the potential revenue that could be created by people boosting different raid teams would probably make it a no go…

I respectfully disagree. Some dinos are leveled up to counter other op dinos. The boosts event should, in my opinion, be either for all dinos or for none of them


What is the argument against a boost shuffle? The poll is definitely for it, but there’s still a number of opposition.

The changes can be quite big. Like the quetzorion nerf hurt it quite a bit, and if the people who use it have a better replacement for it, then this will allow them to use it or stick with the quetz if they want to


Even though it would be great they won’t do it .
It doesn’t benefit them .

I use quetzorion without many boosts … after the update I would have to invest some

Not voting as I don’t care anymore. I just hope that if we get boost resets, it will be something we will always know ahead of time (like every update, every 3 months, once a year, I don’t care, as long as we know ahead instead of randomly simply because players are whining to get one.) I want to know ahead simply because once and for all, we would know if boosts are the most precious thing in this game and we should try to keep some for future dinos or simply spending them all, all the time, on any dinos, knowing that no matter how bad we distribute them, we will get them back soon and be able to reassign them regularly.

the main reason i haven’t boosted my arena team. i don’t want to be stuck with something forever or loose half my investment because it was a bad choice/ didn’t work out.

Not just bad choices, but also nerf/buff from Ludia… I’ve boosted some of my dinos (you almost have no choice, particularly since some are for raids) otherwise I would play unboosted as well. At least I have a few spots I can use to swap dinos when I get bored of the same 8. It’s the Schrödinger’s cat all over again. You don’t want to boost but you have to boost. I was totally against boost shuffle (I think boosts should still always be the most valuable asset in this game), but at this point, heck, I would be happy with a weekly reset! :slight_smile:

at this point all i want is to overboost my spinocon to see if it will still work as a thor counter and remove those boosts if it wont work. unboosted, she was imo, the cheapest counter in terms of boosts. didn’t need any to deal with thors of all builds.