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Stat boost rollback hasn't solved anything

Giving this many stat boosts back to the player base was a horrible idea. Letting the player base apply these stat boosts to uniques and legendaries was an even worse idea. These stat boosts should be used only on epics or lower, because there are still ridiculously boosted Thors and Erlidominuses because players have only spent their boosts on these two dinos. It is ruining gameplay experience and causing frustration for people who just want their incubators. I don’t care about my trophy count. I just want to make sure I have my incubator slots full and this is not happening. It hasn’t happened since 1.7.


What arena are you in and what dinos you use? Just curiousity.

Im the same way bud. Only fight for INCs and don’t care what my trophy score says.

I had to drop out of aviary (5300) to get my daily INCs without having 20 matches with boosted Thors and Rats.

Im holding around 4300 or so in Lockwood now, (up from 3800 and Ruins, now that I have a few boosts lol).

The matchmaking is terribad up in aviary.


I’m in between Sorna and Ruins right now. Every battle I win gets me in Ruins but then if I lose one I’m back in Sorna. I’m using a lvl 21 Miragaia, 18 Postimetrdon, 19 Allosino, 22 Indo, 19 Proceratho, 19 Utasino, 22 Suchotator, and a 17 Purutaurus. None of them are stat boosted (except for speed on Purutaurus; she was the only one). I don’t want to waste my time figuring out how to stat boost them if it’s just going to be taken away.

Only 2 of those are worth stat boosting anyways. Wouldn’t waste ur stat boosts regardless

Oh, and even if I’m about to win a battle, 9 times out of 10 the opponent gets salty and wastes my time by switching between dinos at the end. It can take up to 5 minutes to take out the last dino.

I am the same, just want the incubators and have dropped from Lockwood to the ruins and at times still dropping. Its really making game play frustrating. .got 1 shotted by and over powered Thor again 3x recently


Interesting strange team. But I would seriously consider better dinos and hold on to your stat boosts if you want to really go up. Appreciate Sorna for now, it is one of the more balanced arenas.

Don’t worry about getting ahead so quickly. Those dinos are simply not ready for upper Ruins. Sure overleveling a few of them and boosting them could help you get up some. But then you will start seeing baddie dinos. The Rinex, Thor, Tryko, Tenrex, and Erlidoms. And your team will be shredded by them. Don’t want that to sound rude though.

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Correct Word: Not entertaining.

Just a ”must” to battle.

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They always seem to get the criticals, don’t they