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Stat Boost Sale


I see the sale is still going on so glad I was able to log back in before that ended I think. Has Ludia said what stat boosts will cost when the sale is over?


Nah you missed yesterdays. They just had another one up today.


Pretty sure they will have more of these “sales” for awhile. I mean, what’s the point of getting everyone hooked on crack if they aren’t going to make money on it?

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Thanks, but can someone answer the question regarding regular pricing? They are on sale for $500 right now. But is the regular price $250 ot $2500?


NM - Made the leap and bought them :slight_smile:


There’s no other choice at this point. Ya done good, son. Ya done good.

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Thanks @MementoMori. Was not sure if there was a ‘regular’ price on these as I only got the game running again an hour or so ago.

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