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Stat boost strike replaced with Lunar New Year strike?

The defense strike is now Lunar New Year strike.

Yeah, here it is.

yeah new year

Talk about Ludia panicking. First the canceled scheduled maintenance and now this. They failed to get rid of the “Defense Stat Strike” text on it.

Happy New Year everyone :partying_face:


Jezz when I said no hope last week was I wrong ? The end is nigh


It’s gone. I was about to go do because I knew it would be taken down, but I was too late. It’s no longer on my map.

Hey, where did the boost tower go?? Seems it’s the only way to get boosts now

So some players got dobbel Rare strike?!

It got boosted away


Ohhh they removed it

You gotta be fast in this game!!!

If you see something, grab it FAST or the opportunity will disappear!!!


Reloaded all towers disappeared.

Lol bunch of amateurs, this shower are a laughing stock now

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Well I did this tower right away and now I hope they put in the right strike tower, so that means I gained a free reward and then a reward that’s supposed to be given.

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I caught the Defence Stat Tower, but it turned into a Chinese NY Tower, didn’t get no defence stat modifer X-D

It sounds like the JWA team management botching everything up again last minute

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What do developers say before any update ? “Alea iacta est” - Cezar

Something seems promising here

I’ve lost all towers without doing any. I hope they come back.

Perhaps this was Ludia’s attempt to fix things!

Turn back time to the Lunar New Year; that would have undone St Patrick’s Day, stat boosts and several other gross miscalculations. Guess someone forgot to charge the flux capacitor …

Ludia - can’t even get time travel right :man_shrugging: