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Stat boost strike replaced with Lunar New Year strike?


So has anyone done the resource tower or what it turned into?


I haven’t seen the boost Tower yet, and I wasn’t able to make it to the Lunar New Year tower because I closed the app.


Too bad for those who missed the 10min they were available. It’s like the unlimited boosts sale, too bad if you missed them.

Who cares? Ludia doesn’t
“Congrats on playing during our super exclusive moment and getting stuff! More to come, like epic DNA trading for 30seconds”


I know its not the point but you really didn’t miss much …


Think no one managed to even try the strike tower coz when u hit battle button it stopped working


I did it, but it didn’t give any cheat boosters


I know and it’s the same for 2000 boosts or 50 coins. It’s about the fact they give something to some players and not to the others for no reason.

They don’t learn from their mistakes… Again… And again


Welcome to Ludia!


I did a strike tower this morning at 9am, it was not a new years special tower, just a reg strike tower.

Not sure whats going on but I need my boost tower up. :no_mouth:


@quakeur @RealSpinoDino @Wwwoodchuck were you guys able to do the boost tower and get boosts??


It was a standard (New Lunar Year) strike tower - no boosts just small amounts of DNA.


No. I saw them pop but we needed one more daily incubator to roll ranks on Defense. I was waiting for that before doing the towers.

Should have just jumped on them, I had two within range.


i clicked on it and it was a defense stat strike. picked my team but it froze when i pressed battle


I managed to complete it - trivial amounts of DNA - can’t remember exactly what - Galli, ? and Dilo I think.


Nah, sadly no boosts, but I managed to complete the lunar tower and got rewarded (I got some random dna) like PQC