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Stat boost strike still only give 25 boosts?

Shouldn’t it be 37 now since the multiplier was 1.5 or was that only for old boosts.


I think the multiplier was for the old boosts but I think we should get little bit more from stat boost strikes.



Yeah. This diden’t change :frowning:

So daily battle inc is still 4 of each and strike is 25 still. Wheres the 100 a week we are suppose to be able to get free? Because thats 29 for 1 stat. 7x4= 28 so 28 of each stat from dailies a week. Thats 53 adding 1 strike for 1 stat in. So we have arrived at half of what we need for 1 level in 1 tier. So we should be able to easily or at least mid difficulty to be able to get 47 more of 1 stat within the week right? Because if not I’m calling it lol. Not saying there aren’t “plans” being put into action to make up the difference but shouldn’t those have been implemented with the update as well, like at the same time? Makes no sense to not do it. Assuming there wasn’t fine print that translated to “you can get 100 stat boosts a week free but that doesnt mean you’ll get 100 of a specific stat boost to get that 1 free level up a week”. Ludia wouldn’t do that right? Lol… right?


And we still only get 4 from daily incubators.

Quit being stingy!!!

If I remember correctly is was supposed to be 100 boosts fom the strike

Found it. Words

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Pretty sure their math was averaged over a 3 week period.
WK1: 7x4 atk = 28
7x4 hp = 28
7x4 spd = 28
1x25 atk = 25
Balance: 53 atk, 28 hp, 28 spd

WK2: 7x4 atk = 28
7x4 hp = 28
7x4 spd = 28
1x25 hp = 25
Balance: 81 atk, 81 hp, 56 spd

WK3: 7x4 atk = 28
7x4 hp = 28
7x4 spd = 28
1x25 spd= 25
Balance: 109 atk, 109 hp, 109spd

At week three you can lvl up 3 stats, one for each attribute that you have built up over the last 21 days. It averages to leveling up one stat per week.
Not very clear the way they advertised it in their original post but I think this is what they did.


Thanks, I was looking for this post.

A lot of whinging about the new system, but I believe we’re supposed to get 100 (strike tower) a week + 7x12 (84) dailyincubator and thus 184 stat boosts a week.

Not 109 (25 from strike tower and 7x12)

They basically said in the Q&A, we’ll be able to upgrade 2 x stats a week.

Remember you also get 1x of each from 15 min incubators. Not much there but at least something

I was hoping they would just combine all boosts down and use for whatever. Instead of 3x4 for daily, just give me 12. 12x7 is 84 plus the 25 is the 109 for 1 tier.

No. That says you can collect 100 a week by doing the weekly strike AND the 7 daily battle incs. It doesn’t say the strike gives you 100 stat boosts.

184 total. 53 of 1 specific stat per week from dailies and 1 strike a week.

What a bummer.

That says 100 SBP, not 100 of each type. If done when available the weekly strike event, 7 DBI’s, and the 15 minute incubators will give more than 100 SBP. :sunglasses:

Sounds like the “Gotta Have it Now!” crowd is triggered.
Gotta play the long game now folks

Seems about right what you are writing. I guess I was reading that phrase being a bit too positive.

it should be 25 x5 =125

the cost of boosting to old T7 (254 boosters) now becomes 1500… price inflated 500%