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Stat Boost Team Distribution Suggestions

Hello, Due to the Boost Shuffle I’m looking to transform my boost composition throughout my team. For a start here’s what my current team looks like:

Now here are the boosts per creature:

  • Stygidaryx: Health=6, Speed=2

  • Erlidominus: Damage=3, Speed=2

  • Dracoceratosaurus: Health=1, Speed=7

  • Paramoloch: Damage=5, Speed=3

  • Alanqa: Damage=4, Speed=4

  • Gryposuchus: Health=9

  • Titanoboa: Health=7, Damage=2

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex: 8=Damage

  • Total Boosts: Health=23, Damage=22, Speed=18

Any suggestions? Please message me or respond through the chat. Thank You :grin:

Well this is strange. How do you play each creature, that’s kind of important in spreading boosts.

Stygidaryx works with Gryposuchus to create a consistent swap in/swap out relationship to take down mega tanks. Tyrannosaurus does virtually the same thing as the Stygidaryx, Gryposuchus combo. Titanoboa’s one purpose is to destroy over boosted Indoraptors. Erlidominus and Dracoceratosaurus are just to revenge kill. Alanqa is there to stop any powerful attack. And paramoloch is here for no real reason. I hope that helps you help me!

I’d boost

Rex for output
Erlidom for revenge killing
Boa for closing
Stygi to be able to survive a long time
Grypo to be able to last
Draco enough health to not get one shot, then evenly speed and attack
Alan for damage
Idk what to do with para lol

Thank you for your feedback. :smiley:

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what are you talking about para’s here for moral support

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Good point!