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Stat Boosts, alguna solución?

just in case, and updated this post

thanks to those players who criticized me I found a new solution, or at least it seems, if it is worse than the previous one, then criticize and also put ideas please

the idea is that Stat Boosts can only be used in dinosaurs from a certain level, each dinosaur created has a level according to its rarity, I think it was like this: Common: 1, Rare: 6, Epic: 11, Legendary: 16 and Unique: 23 (I do not remember)

Stat Boosts will be for dinosaurs from level 20, this will force low level players to create a balanced team to climb, and in case of the more veteran, they may be more than prepared in their League to avoid this inequality, do not complain , the game must be more competitive, and you will have to use more YOUR SKILL to win.

dinosaurs not only depend on their statistics, but also their different abilities and function, as well as how you use them.

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Ok, close your eyes for a minute… Imagine all the posts on these forums about Dracoceratops and matchmaking and the tank meta and the velo meta and literally everything. 1 day its “change the matchmaking” the next day its “change it back”. Change the darting and its “change it back” so they change it back and the posts read “change it to the new method”. Now imagine the current message board and all the comments about boosted dinos 3-0ing teams… Ok are you ready? Now open your eyes to the horror that would be “my unique I spend a year creating and leveling is now worse than a common” because that would be all youd read. The system as is is flawed (and just like I warned about the matchmaking changes everyone wanted) your solutions are equally bad or worse. I would say heed my word but you wont… No one ever does


There is zero reason to make commons etc more viable. They are what they are for a reason. The game needs progression and your common should be…common. It’s a lazy dino and there tourneys for that.

These ideas for helping easy to get dinos OP are DC 2.0 but y’all are shortsighted or focused on what you have and not the general balance

If you want a good dino, fuse one like everyone else.


I don’t agree with you often, but this line says it all… and not just about what you have said but as many in the community…

Your post hits it right on the head…

It is always this is broken, fix it… ludia fixes it… then it is change it back… I always relate back to the “nerf” this dino nerf that dino etc… as much as people want change… they will never be happy unless it is in their favor… much like those who run with OP dinos with near full boosts… they like the system because they always win…

I do blame ludia for the most part though… personally… speed boosts should not be as good as they are… maybe up it 1-2 speed per level up, but nothing more…

If you are going to keep boosts… instead of being able to buy boosts… why not “breakdown the dna of other dinos” to get such points? Maybe make it where 2000 velociraptor DNA = 10 speed points? 2000 stegosaurus dna gives 10 Defense points, 2000 apotosaurus dna gives 10 HP points… etc etc… or something along those lines… even if every dino had a different “extract” value from common to eipc… legendary and unique shouldn’t be able to be extracted, but they could be added to…

If the game allows us to “fuse” 2 dino’s… why not extract DNA to add to another for a stat boost?

Too much typed and went kind of off topic… not going to delete it though… just going to end this response… and I dislike the boost system…

Anyway… I do agree with your post… well said…


Of course, there are players who strive to have their unique hybrids … but there are those who go the easy way, it is difficult to survive Thora in the lower leagues.

I decided to put this suggestion to be able to stop seeing those players of a single hybrid, it is simple, the brotherhood helps them and they already have an improved Thoradolosaurus, my team that was armed was surpassed by a thoradolosaurus lvl 26 with Stat Boosts, a Utahraptor lvl 15 and a miragaia lvl 16, if not for the Thora, would have won without losing a dinosaur.

Ludia will not listen, that’s the problem, Ludia will bow to the majority or those who spend a lot of money and ignore us because they are few.

even so, thank you, you helped me to polish a bit the idea of ​​the percentages

Your idea is not bad, why do not you refine it and propose it in suggestions ?.

Could replace the Stat Boosts as a new system!

So tawny that can 1v1 a unique should get more out of a boost then indo can already get? What about proceramimus that is already a meta dino it should get a boost bonus as well? Utaraptor needs another buff over utarinex? Dracocera as well?

These are just a few of the new imbalances this kind of a system… thats already been suggested on here a cpl dozens times since before boosts even came out.

Rares amd commons are for tournaments like this weekend… not for ladder play.

This is the way Ludia designed the game… they dont want all your commons and rares to be viable… thats why they arent…