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Stat Boosts are a cheap crutch

Quit cryin

I am stoic. No tears and no emotions are being shown.

You say purist, I say petulant. I use boosts on my team. I didn’t buy a single one. I fought for them, just like everyone else can. Some of my dinos have them, some don’t. You screaming into the void about how you’ll keep your dinos “pure” is only gonna cost you incubators and time in the long run. What did you do when they stopped making flip phones, throw a tantrum in front of the AT&T store?

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We all did this for almost a year. Playing without boosts now is like running out on the freeway blindfolded. Yeah, you can do it. But you’ll get destroyed.


Or when sidekicks quit working :eyes: :sob:

I tell you what I did, I worked many jobs and also served in the military. So tell me about your thoughts of grandeur

Just a friendly reminder to not make any forum conversations personal.

We’re here, guys.


I fondly remember my Palm Pilot days. Now there is a bejewled experience you will never forget.

Tetris on the old Nokia brick phones. Best


ive never used draco in the arenas and i started from the bottom and worked my way to the top(well… aviary atleast). do that then talk about crutches. boosts just add fun to the game. once they fix the situation youll see. or youll stay on the bottom and still complain.

I will not be on the bottom complaining. I am not a petulant and pety child. I know this is just a game, which is why I do not let it rule my life. I have real life obligations that supercede playing this game. I do not take this game seriously because I know it can be uninstalled by just a click of a button. Let me remind you, that it gets lonely once you reach the top. I will be down where all the fun will be taking place. Come join us!

ok then… if it can get uninstalled that means it will go on without you…

Wait but not using stat boosts just makes you more reliant on RNG, because without it you’ll just lose every fight.

Likewise with you

Hard pass.
If they fix the AI I’ll be fine.
If not?
Well. I’ll try and find a way to game the system.
I really miss the derank, get incubators, and get in the car and hunt mechanic.
But crippling myself for… some reason isn’t in the cards.

Without the people who do put real money into the game , there would be no game . Surely you can see that ?
Those who pump money into it are keeping it going , and in reality do no harm to you or me .
The tournaments running since 1.7 are exactly what you are asking for so to be fair you haven’t got anything to complain about .

Not once was I complaining. But I get it emotion often fails to be conveyed through text. The nature of the post was not of complaint, it was of a thought with which I have the freedom to express through my First Amendment rights. Just like you are entitled to your opinion which I have the option of validating or dismissing.

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Technically you have no first amendment rights here… this forum is ran by a Canadian company… their laws regarding free speech differ.


and are far more polite, as a rule.

The way the Stats boosts are now have completely ruined this game battle wise. A stat boosted lvl21 shouldn’t surpass a lvl22+ Dino with or without stat boosts. A stat boost should only be able to boost you between each level. That would still give a stat boosted Dino a ‘speed’ for eg, an advantage over only same leveled Dino. A lvl 21 Dino shouldn’t be quick, stronger or healthier than a lvl25 say Dino. That way people who have grinded for coin to lvl up Dino haven’t wasted all that time leveling just for a person whose plowed stat boosts into a Dino way lesser levelled. What’s happening right now is ridiculous

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