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Stat Boosts? Its a no from me

When I saw the announcement of stat boosts in the 1.7 patch notes I was, like some others, pretty sceptical that this would be just another way for ‘pay to win’ players to have a further advantage and really just a cash grab from Ludia. However saying that, i was also relatively optimistic knowing that if implemented correctly, we could see a much wider variety of creatures being used in battle as lesser used creatures could potentially be boosted to a competitive level.

Although after playing about a week of 1.7, for me stat boosts haven’t been a success. Although yes, it is possible for the lesser used creatures to be boosted to a higher level, the vast majority of players I face are using identical creatures to pre 1.7, just stat boosted to hell. Instead of encouraging players to use different creatures, its only made players further boost the usual ‘over-powered’ creatures such as Erlidominus and Thoradolosaur. I personally just do not see the appeal of playing 130 speed Trykosauruses and 4000 health Thoradolosauruses which i consistently face in battles. And with stat boosts available regularly from the store, it feels really difficult to compete as a ‘free to play’ player. I like how they are available in daily battle incubators, I now have an incentive to complete these, however its difficult to compete when players can buy 25 health and attack boosts daily from the store.

Overall, I do feel this mechanic has potential, it just hasn’t been used correctly. I feel stat boosts should not be available regularly in the store, weekly at most. Another way to fix this which really isn’t possible now is to only make stat boosts available to non-hybrids. I would also have the stat boost cap at a way lower point than they are now, I feel speed boosts should only be able to boost a creatures speed by 10 or 20 max and health and attack boosts have a much lower cap than they have currently. For me this mechanic just hasn’t worked and has created a pretty dis-functional battle system.

Happy to discuss with anyone whether you agree or disagree. Feel free to disagree.


I ca,s up with my own boost system that is more fun and less OP. Let me know what you think of it!

I haven’t battled for a couple of months because I was waiting for them to fix the OP 'saurs of 1.6. I was shocked and saddened to see @Ludia take this route… so now we no longer have a game where stats mean anything, people pay-to-win and dirty stat-padders rule the roost. I’ve worked hard over many months building my competative team getting them all levelled up to around L25… and now the entire team gets annihilated by boosted Thors every single battle! Wow! Is this really the best the devs could come up with… they gave up all the hard work of a ‘nearly balanced game’ and let the players mess all the statistics up for a chaos-meta. There is no strategy left in this game anymore (except P2Win and stat padding your hardest creatures). It’s very badly broken and I think the end of JWA for a lot of us.

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Support: Sir we have an issue, a player just reported that his boosted Thor was able to solo the entire enemy team without taking any damage, what should we do to balance this?
Head Office: How are our boosts selling? Are the investors happy, are the big spenders enjoying wins?
Support: Sir what has that got to do with a single dinosaur soloing a whole team taking no damage?


I used to think that stat boosts would be a good thing for the game but now I’m not so sure. Even if Ludia fixed the current problem I don’t think it will work. There needs to be some limitations in place.

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There is no problem other than excessive speed boosts. And even then it’s not a problem…

And here is why…

It all balances out in the end. Max speed boost is 100 (excessive granted) there is no way that the speedster Thor is gonna out run other maxed Dino’s.

And yes you have to talk maxed because they will all go up to the top where it always is was has will be pay to win.

Match making is being fine tuned. This means you will no longer be going up against full maxed teams.

But honestly how is this any different than having to go up against the teams of badlands uniques before? They were over powered in stoppable… .

What I see is growing pains. … Things always suck after a change , the bigger the change the more the suck.

What I see is a select group of high ranking people using your frustrations to try to be rid of something that inconvenience them.

And I see alot of mob mentality kicking in

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But what about those who can’t afford to buy boosts? It’s not going to balance out for them because they will never GET to max boost level.

Even if they slowly boost using free boosts over time, then what in the meantime? Just deal with being inferior the entire time regardless of dinosaur level?

Everyone should access to the same amount of boosts, like by being only available from daily incubator…

And in the past yes the top players were Pay to win, but you could level ur dinosaurs and in time challenge them.

But tell me, how does a player with all level 30s with only access to free boosts, beat the player who maxed all their dino by spend spending a fortune?

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Now, the arena works by the following rules:

  • RULE Nr.1: who has more boosted dinos, wins .
  • RULE Nr.2: don’t even try to get an unboosted team to the arena (I’ve tried): you will be crushed EVERYTIME!
  • RULE Nr.3: it’s impossible to have a strategy now (your dinos can now be crushed by the ones they used to counter)
  • RULE Nr.4: low level teams should try to stay alive only by cloak/evade/praying.

Sincerly, I was having fun at the beggining of 1.7.25 in the arena (with the new twitches to get fair battles vs opponents from your level and not +6/7 levels over/lower) until starting to have opponents with overly boosted dinos…

My VIP is now canceled, I’m done with the arena and the only thing I regularly do are strike towers and to hunt for DNA, but what’s the point if I don’t use the arena anymore?

Maybe it’s time to turn the page…


If it all balances out in the end speed wise then what was the point in adding it in the first place? It was made to make slower creatures faster but has been poorly designed to where it is way to much of a boost to the point where tanks are the same if not faster than raptors which just really makes no sense.

First of all on the can’t afford boosts it’s simple.

You don’t get boosts other than free ones.

Sorry but that’s how it is. Thinking that just by playing a game your entitled to be able to compete at the highest levels with out hardship is hog wash.

Sorry to sound harsh but it’s the truth.

Would you be up set if you challenged a Ferrari to a race and it beat your stock mustang?

Same thing here.

As far as evening out it will and does. A max boosted indominus will almost always lose to a maxed alankylosaurus.

What boosting does is let us tailor our creatures to our game play until end game.

I have a moderately boosted team. I’ve said since day one I would pay to customize my creatures. But it’s not excessive nor is it going to be viable against end game opponents.

But it’s very fun to play my guys my way.

Well, basically boosts negate months upon months of grinding and hours upon hours of hunting… All the hard work that has gone into the game becomes null and void in an instant… Boosts are not an inconvenience, they are a game changer… No need to dart any more, no need to complete alliance missions, no need to do strike towers, no need to hunt featured dinos, cause DNA is totally worthless, as leveling up takes a month or two or three… Sure, the game will reach an equilibrium at some point in time, but all the current dedicated players will have moved to greener pastures long before then… VIP cancelations have already reached pandemic proportions and I’m pretty sure they will continue, unless something happens to clear up this mess…


I don’t get the argument that ‘it’ll all even out, a max ____ will still beat ____’. If in the end it literally means the same creatures will still win then whats the point in it? May as well stick to base stats at that point. It just provides an extremely unbalanced battle system where slow creatures get boosted to wild stats which just makes the battles very frustrating.

The point of boosting in my opinion is to alter your dino to better suit your tastes.

Ok I don’t \ won’t go into details on my team except to say none but one is over tier 4.

The one that is over tier four is the Ankylosaurus kentrosaurus hybrid I gave him more attack. He still hits weak but it’s my intended roll for him.