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Stat boosts need to be given in incubator battles and from green supply drops

lets do some basic math. every stat level is double the next so 2^10=1024 which means just the 10 level boost costs 1024 points 1024/3= 341.33 which means it will take 341 days to just buy the 10th level boost for 1 dino not accounting for levels 1-9. 341 x 8= 2728 which is the number of days it will take to get a full crew a 10th level stat boost if you keep the same crew from now on. 2728/365= 7.47 which is the number of years it will take to get JUST the 10th level stat boost for your whole crew still not accounting for stat levels 1-9.

while the average player is slowly grinding these points you have others buying them by the hundreds. which means there is going to be a MASSIVE stat gap from whales to the average player in a very short amount of time. For those sitting on a dragons hoard of stat points getting a few extra for free means literally nothing to them, but for the rest of us just 4 or 5 points a day extra dramatically reduces the grind to stat boost their dino crew. Giving the average players a few extra points a day will keep them playing because they wont be getting 1 hit by godzilla strength monsters when bringing in their gecko strength dino crew.

So the heavy spenders will reach the max tier EVEN SOONER?

it’s basic economic math. there is a stat ceiling, once it is reached they can’t go any higher. if someone is already 1000s of points ahead of you a few hundred extra to them doesn’t benefit them at all. while you, who are stuck at lower stat levels can boost faster and catch up.

lol you literally posted a meme for yourself. so congratulations you played yourself.

the problem is the 10 year gap that they have the advantage over everyone lol. cutting their grind by a few months so i can cut my grind by YEARS is worth it.

Sorry I must I’ve been thinking of ludia profits when I posted that gif. :grin:
The top-tier people will stop buying boosts and their profits will dip

I submitted an idea similar to this to ludia. Where boosts would be available in 8hr incubators in limited quantities. Also 12/24 incs would include a little extra. The ppl that care most about the boosters are the ones that battle. So it pretty much goes hand in hand. I suggest to remove them from stores. Maybe have a strike tower per week for 1 stat. This will slow the process down and extend the life of boosts


I am now 200% convinced they need to be removed from the shop. Nobody can enjoy the game at this point