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Stat Boosts planning

So with the new Stat Boosts i wanna ask you wonder forums people, what stats should I be boosting for my team?

My plan is:

Erlidomimus: Health & Speed
Indoraptor: Power & Health
Allosinosaurus: Power & Speed
Utahsinoraptor: Speed & Power
Dracorat: N/A (looking to replace it)
Spinotahsuchus: Speed & Health
Suchotator: Speed & Health
Stegodeus: Health & Power.

Is that a good layout or should I change some things?

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I would not put buffs on a dino that will likely end up being replaced like allosino.


Boost only dinos that you plan to use long time.

EDIT: Boost Erlidominus attack too. Same lvl can’t oneshot Dracorat anymore due to changed roundings (down).


Indoraptor: Power & Health

Not bad, not at all

True, until I get Thor (I just need Tarbo up 2 levels then I can start fusing) Allosino is my shield breaker which is why I was going to boost him. Would the same boosts that I was going to give Allosino be good on Thor to?

Do you use Allo now? If so and you don’t mind me asking, what level is it?

I have a level 24 that I loved for so long and still feel a little bad sometimes when I see it looking at me. Would love to find out that these boosts make her competitive again.

*She did get to come off the shelf for Lord Lythro and came through with a clutch crit to set up the win for DC.

Yeah I use Allosinosaurus now, he’s level 20, I’m holding off leveling him until I get Thor.

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I would give thor health over speed… my reason for this is at 109 speed its gonna take alot of speed boosts to be faster then much else other then thors/tenoto

I currently have 5 dinos on my team with 131 or higher speed… a tryo at 129… then non boosted indo and thor… so even if you boosted thor speed a few times the only thing youd be faster then is my thor.

Now health on the other hand allows thor to live longer and chew faces off longer.

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Thor is what eventually replaced my Allo. Holding at 20 is a wise move.

Boosting health and attack of the whole team, as I obtain boosts.
Saving speed until I see who’s boosting what and at what rate. Did give one to Tryo, though, 129 now.


Yeah tryo at 129 is pretty nice… not gonna lie. my lvl 22 killed a 24 indo straight up last night

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End-game Super Hybrids only :zap:


Rinex Spd boosted has been sweet. Ive bumped my team pretty evenly, health on a few, attack on some. I bumped thors spd to win ties

Just this


Is it just me, or has anyone seen a lot less rats in the arena

My god

I say level the damage on Succ Tator Tot a d Spinotah. Then you will have two beastly Rex damage dinosaurs with DoT.

I have not seen much in a will actually. Must have found a cure for the plague.

I got my tryos speed to 136 today… first time i got it after words got a ready to crush of and still had 2.5k hps… at that point i was down 0-1 after the rtc opponent didnt hit me again… match ended 3-1