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Stat Boosts Sale - What happened? Where did it go? - 10/23/2019

I saw boost sales today (25 attack, 25 speed, 50 health). I went to purchase, the game froze, rebooted, now no stats for sale. What’s going on?

Probably they finally realized how bad they messed up the new boost system and MAYBE they will do something about it… MAYBE…


These repeated changes to the rules appear calculated to induce invested players to spend money just to recover progress lost as a result of each “upgrade.” Never s- - - where you eat, people. I’m sending this post and deleting the app.


Well i’m waiting one more day and if this isn’t resolved I’m deleting as well

Others have reported the same, they saw the sale but couldn’t buy. I never saw the sale to begin with.

Okay so they were not meant to go on sale (did a double-check with the dev’s) which is why people crashed when they selected them.

They should not be visible or accessible now.

So just so were clear… deleting my post in the other thread and calling it a cache issue wasnt the most likely issue.

that is probably why you saw it, as to why it was removed, you need to talk to a mod in a dm

When will they be sold?

Lol almost all whales are crying cus Lidiots robed then with new boost refond/reset ,and then still crying cus they dont have is lovely boosts for sale​:joy::joy::joy::joy: its because of people like this the game is a mess and boost still there :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: