Stat changes needed. Let's talk about it


This thread is ment to have a civil debate about stat changes that are much needed. Whether Ludia is listening or not this is ment to spark ideas to help this game become a more well rounded game with more dinosaurs that make more sense with stat changes. An example would be Megalosuchus or Sarcorixis ( I think I spelled that right lol ) The reason I think they need changed is because they are supposed to be upgrades but are unfortunately a downgrade from their ingredient dinosaurs. When you see a legendary you should have difficulty defeating it even if its level 16. Megalo is less useful than Gorg is and it shouldn’t be. I feel like he got weaker, slower and his move set may be decant but with his lack of survivability he can barely survive 2 turns before getting wrecked. The counter is useless and I feel it should be changed to allow Megalos attack to be raised. The speed is also a big factor. I don’t understand why it would get slower. It’s a legendary constantly getting outclassed by countless dinos. Worked hard to create that dino just to get wrecked in the arena time and time again. I understand that maybe I’m not playing Megalo correctly or RNG or any other excuses I can come up with. All I’m saying is that Megalo is not only amazing looking and an achievement to acquire but once created I realized that it wasn’t living up to its luster and quite frankly it broke my heart a bit.


One way to fix megalosuchus is to make it’s moves hybrids of the two sources, like defence shattering pinning strike, or a devistating defence shattering critical impact, or some sort of cleansing attack. As of right now it only carries over the ferocious strike of the gorgosuchus, but without the high base attack.


I’ll say… Gorgosuchus isn’t more useful than Megalosuchus.
They are basically got different niche.

As a speedy tank counter, Gorgosuchus is delicate and easily been crushed.
Think there’s some overestimation on this hybrid.

But still, focus on Megalosuchus.
Yes it need some buff, mainly on move set.
You can see other “also counter attack” things, for example, Rajakylosaurus.
It got high critical buff move, and the whole move set let it become a tanky critical monster.
But you can’t see similar things on Megalosuchus, because all moves are very simple.

I might suggest change that critical impact to 2x defense shattering rampage (cooldown 1, delay 1)


I agree 100% he got the short end of the stick. Just made a post about this topic. It isn’t a he does something different on your team thing. He should be a reflection of all the best parts that made him. Not a let’s do this and see if ppl like it. Were did his speed and attack power go! Same with Baryonyx hybrid that I can’t recall the name to. He went down to 120 when both dinosaurs had speed of 124 that make him. Plus about 100 or 200 power lost in making him.


Everything but cleanse attack.:disappointed_relieved:
That’s the only move given to Majundasuchus, but not for Megalosuchus.

I level up my Majunda until lv27, so it can perform as good as those lv20 legendary hybrids in my team.
No kidding.


I have Sarcorixis on my team, and will probably end up replacing it with nodopatosaurus or postimetrodon once those get finished. Sarcorixis seems to be pretty much a plain-Jane hybrid, just a mixup of the component species’ abilities, with nothing special going for it, except maybe the intimidation factor of its appearance (it’s nightmare fuel, that’s for certain).

I’m still trying for my spino gen 2 epic to finish, so I can start on spinotahraptor. Those have been popping up in the wild here, along with suchotator, so I might get a start on it that way.

Still hoping they can buff the damage to the Sarcorixis, as it needs to deal as much damage and be as vicious as it looks.


Sarcorixis is such a downgrade. How is it that Einiasuchus is so far superior to it and why haven’t they addressed it? Ever since Sarcorixis was released everyone threw a fit about how it wasn’t worth the time or effort to create because Einiasuchus is so much better and worth your time. That’s what this game boils down to, time and effort. The only reason I even created Sarcorixis was just to have him unlocked then quickly forgotten. How is it so hard to get ahold of the concept that when you create a hybrid it should be an upgrade, plain and simple. Why waste my time with a dino that will just cause my team to suffer? I’ve tried using Megalo and Suchorixis countless times because they look so cool and intimidating but everytime I use them they just let me down.


In other super-hybrids, you could probably say they got different niche compare to ingredient hybrids.
(ex: Monostegotops vs Stegoceratops)

But Sarcorixis is not. It looks like just add a stunning to Purussaurus.
No special op move, no spd.
Survival chance seems better tham Einia, but we know how that self-cleanse heap help Einia.

As a super-hybrid, I think Sarcorixis even deserve to be the best in eipc class.