State of JWA Part 2: Desperately Needed Changes and Bug Fixes

Here we go! Part 2 is up. This covers the DESPERATELY NEEDED changes and bug fixes we’ve all been waiting for.

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree?




Great article, Brian! I agree with all you have mentioned. One thing that might have made your article even better is if you had compared the battle features and rewards with clash royale, like you have mentioned POKE GO. Supercell has really nailed the battle features and rewards, which has resulted in significant playerbase increase in the past months.

reading… i will get back to you on that.

great article. ive always thought that the vip membership should have more incentive. i know that some wont agree on this but, minimum 20 fuse would be awesome. my thoughts on the dna trading. trading should be click for click. the more clicks you give, the more clicks you can recieve up to the level cap. so up to 2k common dna if you are level 20 for example.


I like the idea of the dna trading. There are times I could max out someone with all of the DNA I have and would be happy to do it if it meant I could request more of something myself. Minimum fuse for a unique I think would be reasonable.

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maybe not so that you can maxx only one person though. i mean more of the same thing but click for click. so that a non donator does not request without donating. this way you can spread your wealth to all not just one because you know the cheaters will fully take advantage of the fact that they can maxx someone fully.


That makes more sense. I know why they don’t allow it (because of spoofers and all) but it would be nice to be able to give someone everything if you want to. I have so much of dinos that other people want and would be more than happy to donate everything to them.


ill make that a suggestion then. see if it grows legs.

I like what you said in your closing statement: Ludia does a great job listening to their player base, and they act in a more expedited manner than the company folks presume would do better (I’ll clue you in, Niantic is awful. Most poor excuse of a gaming company). It’s because Ludia is so good at listening to their player base why I feel comfortably unrestrained in giving my feedback of what could be reassessed to be improved or (re)balanced in the game. For instance, every single dinosaur I proposed to be looked at (Trykosaurus [general kit overhaul], Tryostronix [improve speed to make vs Tragodistis a level advantage matchup] , Monostegotops [improve stun]), to my great surprise Ludia addressed ALL of them. I feel like I have an actual say in helping shape the game


To add to that, yes officers are a very much needed addition to Alliances.


Well said @MNBrian agreed!

also i would mention that there should be a more strict way of sorting out cheaters, spoofers and botters. they are ruining the game. i dont care if they spend tons of money, thats not a good foundation for a game.


Yes!! Especially the strike towers! I almost cried earlier when I couldn’t get a kentrosaurus. I’m so close to unlocking ankyntrosaurus that it was a little painful.

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Always love reading your articles Brian, well written and thought out. I just want to add one point.

Despawn timer or something similar on epic spawns at least. I just had an Ourano disappear at 50 meters while I tried to get closer. This game encourages getting as close as possible. If I knew it would despawn I would have shot at 50 meters rather then continue to move closer. Just give us players some warning. 1 minute warning, 30 seconds, 10 seconds anything. Make the light flicker or brighter on the yellow just let us know if you want any dna dart now. The extra shot or two I get can be the difference between another fuse.

Anyways spot on article as always.

Totally off topic I know and I’m sorry but I just HAVE TO KNOW!! MarktheShark is your avatar picture of King Shark (one of The Flash’s villains) from the CW tv show??? B/c I’m squinting to the best of my abilities and I think that it looks like him but I can’t entirely be certain. I love that villain and his portrayal in that show!

Ludia has to show some sign of acknowledgement on these issues and let us know…

“Communication is a 2-way street”

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No, sorry. I got this off the internet years ago and have used it as my chat icon since. My friends have called me Mark the Shark for years and I go to the gym quite frequently, so figured this was a fitting icon


its king shark.