State of JWA Part 2: Desperately Needed Changes and Bug Fixes

Mmm VIP perks yes please. I remember when you guys over at Metahub datamined possible VIP points, and Epic alert notifications. That right there would be worth it… that and them getting around fixing them bugs that are littering the game! Great read!

Countdown timer should be implemented!

I was just walking towards a Sino at 63m and spoof!

Timer will save the players a lot of heartache. We will be able to be decisive on which dinos to go for… just imagine Sino and T-Rex within your sights and you decided to go for T-Rex, only to have it despawn as you are approaching… then you switch directions towards the Sino… it then disappears too.

I can imagine how many players in such a situation will flip… :wink:

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I live on the boarder of local 4 and local 2.

surf’s up, bri!

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Great article, thank you! I do hope that Ludia will listen to it

@MNBrian Very good article,both parts.

I would like to bring to yours and Metahub attention a mode that i think would apply very good with alliances

If you ever want more suggestions :

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But this picture was a thing long before the live action of the show was made

its obviously king shark though. hes from the comics. theres also a great white kingshark and hammerhead kingshark.

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Excellent article, addresses most of my concerns and suggestions. Just one more thing I would add (which has been mentioned before but not implemented): Please let RNG decide priority when same species/same level dinos meet in the arena. It’s not fair when device or internet speed give the opponent an advantage. At least RNG affects everyone equally (right?!)

That would be scary… imagine you getting the short end of that RNG a few times in a row. That woulr infuriate me. Would rather take my chances with the internet connection!

Guess what? just did 8 fuses on Tyrannolophosaur! had 30/200 DNA. The fuses were 10,10,50,10,10,10,20,10. Did 5 hours of dilo g2 grinding for this. have 180/200 now. Besides the 50, what a waste!

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Then feel free to call me the Shark King :joy:


ugh its King Shark lol


My old phone and connection guaranteed I was slower 100% of the time. Even a bad RNG run is better than that as you have a 50-50 shot of going first each time.

Yeah that lol

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