State of the game - patch 1.8

Hey all, been a while since I was active here. I won’t be active like I was - that was unhealthy. I had too much investment, too much pride - I cared too much how many likes I got, or how much people agreed with me. Stepping back has been healthy for me.

That said, I still play. Not to the extent I used to. But I’m currently around 4.8k-5k trophies. Here are my thoughts from 1.7 and 1.8, up for discussion. I will check back sometime next week probably; I won’t be engaging in the back and forth I used to. Doesn’t mean I don’t love you all - I do - just gotta maintain that health is all.

Hopefully this sparks some discussion that will benefit Ludia. Sorry - a lot is very liable to be duplicates. I also recognize I’m not omniscient; some of my takes lack perspective, or are simply wrong.

That’s ok. Call me out on it.

Anyway, one thing that hasn’t changed for me: Brevity is still my mortal enemy.

Boosts: I talked about the game gating content not behind acquisition, but levelling up of dinos, way back sometime last year - ah, here it is:

They seem to have kinda done what I suggested, but with boosts rather than coins. At least for me, coins are easy to acquire, and DNA is more available than ever. Boosts are a good thing, with one notable exception: Speed. Speed boosts should never have been a thing. We needed a way to deal with speed ties; not a way to have dinos counter their counters because now they’re faster.

Still, overall, boosts are good for the game.

Arena - it’s a mess. As I predicted, you ended up with multiple virtual arenas sharing the same currency. That doesn’t work. Stop looking at team power to match teams. Too much focus on what’s fair.

Let me tell you something - fair is somewhere you go to get funnel cake. Reverse your matchmaking. The other changes (20/40 loss/win maxes) - those are great.

Tournaments - pretty close. Kudos here. Your huge miss you corrected (and huge kudos to AP for stepping up. Impressed but not surprised. Well done folks.) Here’s the other huge miss though, the only thing preventing tournaments from being perfect as far as I can tell - dinos should ALWAYS be level synced, and NEVER have boosts. If I want competitive content where I can pay to win I’ll play (I already do). There is no skill involved in spending money, currency, boosts, whatever. At least stop calling it a skill-based tournament - it’s not. The others, they’re great. Good job.

The rat. I hate this thing. Just because I hate it doesn’t always mean it’s bad - but in this case, it’s bad. It’s got the perfect storm that makes it bad, though - so you can adjust it very slightly any number of ways to bring it in line. Here are just a few suggestions, any ONE of which would do it wonders:

Give regenerate a 2 turn delay and keep the rest as-is (including acute stun)
Give regenerate a 1 turn delay and remove acute stun
Reduce its dmg
Reduce it’s hp (with boosts and crit nerf 1-shotting 4.3k health dracos is simply not feasible most of the time)
Or - and here’s a fun one - put a rarity-specific cap on the amount of boosts that can be applied. e.g. unique goes to tier 10, legendary tier 7, epic tier 5, etc.

Or some other way. The combo of high health, acute stun, good damage and regenerate make it too hard to deal with.

Alliances - we need tools. This is not just a whiney complaint post. We. NEED. tools. And we need them now. I don’t think you understand the impact the lack of tools is having. Nothing even crazy - show me last online, show me donations received for the week, and donations given for the week. That’s it. I’ve even given up caring about tracking battles (though we need this too - thanks to the way you have implemented alliance missions.) I refuse to track my membership data via 3rd party spreadsheets or crazy rules. So my alliance gets 3/3 per week through casual play.

Alliance missions - we need new rewards. Nothing else to say here.

Sanctuaries - awesome concept. Depressing to drive 130 miles 1-way (through the bay area in california, not through desert) and see 2 that had dinos. 2. And they were only level 4. These would likely be bigger hits if they actually provided some kind of meaningful reward. It’s free dna - sure. But how much effort do I really want to spend to get an extra 5 dna? Not much, I’ll tell you that. Please adjust the dna we receive, and make levelling them a bit easier.

Communication - could we please get an actual conversation going at some point Ludia? Not just asking for feedback. Not just implementing it. But some actual back and forth. Let us converse with you. Discuss these changes, why you’re making them, what your vision is - it’d go a heck of a long way to regain trust. Fixing things isn’t enough. Hearing us isn’t enough. We want to interact with you.

I dunno. Those are my thoughts for now. Dino balance I’m generally happy with actually. The game is definitely improving.

Oh one last thing - folks, remember: Don’t get upset at the devs. Get upset at the product owner(s). They prioritize the work the devs do. The devs don’t make that call - they just develop. The folks above them tell them what they want, and how they want it rolled out.

Take care all.



Many good points otherwise though.


Great point. Thanks @Myp :slight_smile:

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I agree with all points said, I think the player base and Lidia devs alike would benefit from reading this. Both as a reminder of what actually is working (this forum would lead you to believe nothing is most days) and what does NEED to be done for the future health of the game

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I like this guy already!

[EDIT: The best Rat suggestion I’ve been able to come up with is to prevent the Regenerate from cleansing the swapping pin. If you swap it in, then you need to stick around until the pin naturally clears.]

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Glad to see you back @wrothgar! Really missed your contributions. Thanks for the post

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Missed ya @wrothgar !
Your comments never have me shaking my head, and that’s rare these days.
As always, a great analysis of the game.
Health and happiness for you and yours :+1:t2: