State your reviews of Jurassic World Dominion

It’s not the plot. Just a scene from the ending.

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Saw it this morning and really enjoyed it. Not perfect but very enjoyable. There are a few things but i cant mention them as were no spoilers.


I really really liked the movie. As both a huge JP franchise fan and a person who hates dinosaur inaccuracy it was everything I wanted. Tho i do feel a few elements should have been better


My thoughts on dominion

Some people say FK was very bad, i suck at givings rates since Im highly biased cause Im too much of a JP fan so was it actually the worst out of JP & JW?

Nope,it either jp3 or dominion

Poor Script/plot. Great to see Sam, Laura and Jeff again. Set pieces were decent and dinos all looked good. Rating from me 5 out of 10.

Just watched it. Although the plot could have done better it still was a good movie. Wonder where the jp franchise is going from now on

I’d say they’ll be taking a very long break now, almost similar to JP3 to JW, but not 15 years, probably about like 6 or 7 years.

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They could also make tv shows


Welcome Camp Cretaceous is ending in July, so maybe we can get one that takes place after Dominion?

I haven’t seen it, but my order brother did, he is not a huge fan of the Jurassic movies, but he said he liked it. He give it a 8.5

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Perhaps. They also have added so many new types of prehistoric animals besides dinosaurs wich could also get their own spin offs too

the theri had the good sense to be eating a bush while two apex predators were fighting.

I’d give it an 8.6-9 out of 10.

which begs the question what happen to the baby in TLW

And I somehow predicted that they’d still be alive lol

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The movie was AWESOME!

Though it felt a bit rushed.


Wow, how horrible was that. Made me think Ludia had a hand in producing it.

:-1::-1: I gave it 2 thumbs way down. Sad way to end a great movie franchise

Why would that be the first conclusion you come to?