State your reviews of Jurassic World Dominion

I didn’t dislike it, but the final fight seen and conclusion let me down (Not a fan of the “Oh well!” ending).
Watching the old crew mingle with the new crew was awesome though.

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Exactly, it kinda felt like they ran around for 2.5 hours for nothing. Still enjoyed it though

Felt like two separate movies one with the new crew and one with the old with the writers throwing something in there to connect them in some way, but it was entertaining action set pieces and effects were great and the obvious main point the dinosaurs didn’t disappoint. 6.5/10

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I will say this, the scene with Claire and the Therizinosaurus felt like a scene from a horror movie. And I think the Theri might be blind, cause it didn’t see her at all.


I think the theri had bad eyesight
I saw JWD on June 18 my birthday and I actually really liked it
I think it might be the best out of the new trilogy and the locusts felt a lot like Crichton
I don’t get all the critic hate
It certainly wrapped up the franchise much much better than Star Wars TROS (what a horrible movie)
I think it’s the third best movie in the franchise

That’s my sister’s birthday, although we say the movie on June 10th, 8 days after my birthady, and 8 days before hers.

Critics don’t even know what a good movie or a fan is today anymore, so I just ignore them.

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I agree
Also it’s making huge amounts of money and the executives aren’t gonna let a big cash cow like it die so I think we’ll get more Jurassic media within a few years


Even giga not looking accurate at all?

Sorry for the ones who enjoyed it but damn the movie was horrible.
The characters were driven by the plot such as that lady who sells illegal dinosaurs which has no reason whatsoever to risk her life by helping the protagonist. Ramsay’s reason as to why he told Malcom about the locusts is never brought up.
Giga looks cool but it should’ve been called something else since it doesn’t look like the real gigatonosaurus. Dimetrodon in the mines is dumb since they would likely break their sails in the tunnels and so ophiacodon or sphenacodon would have been better choices. The final fight is Jurassic World with Rexy being knocked down only to come back from the dead and being helped by another prehistoric reptile which both form an alliance for some reason.
The locust plot line should’ve been a separated movie because it with the girl feels forced. Theri is a killing machine. The scene with Blue being mad at Owen feels out of place like she knows he didn’t do anything to her kid. The characters have some of the toughest plot armour I have seen.
Also the whole part with the smugglers and the chase sequence could’ve been cut out since they don’t contribute to the plot and we never see any of the creatures shown there again. Cool concept with the smugglers but this movie feels like a Micheal Bay movie with cool things being there and then glued together badly.
Almost forgot to add that like in the other movies the pterosaurs act like monters tearing apart anything they see.
At least it’s better than Fallen Kingdom but that doesn’t mean much. I’d give the movie a 5/10 at best.



10/10 5 stars whatever; it was :star_struck:

I loved the story plot line and the fact that it focused on REAL Dino’s and not robo dogs. Sure, I would’ve loved to see more deaths/action, but I must say I could not sleep the night I saw it I was so hyped!!! Giganotosaurus’ action scene was perfect, and spoilers ahead, the fact that Therizinosaurus defeated Giga with her claws was Ludia knowledge 100% but nonetheless it was :ok_hand:

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It might be the dumbest movie I’ve seen in the last 10 years. Easily the worst of the franchise.


I mean what were you people expecting?

Is it a coincidence that people think that the 3rd movie of each trilogy is the worst of them or is it just me?

Personally I think Dominion is better than Fallen Kingdom and JP3 because it has more action and suspense parts, like when Claire meets the Therizinosaurus, that whole scene was like a horror chase or hiding from the killer. I loved Dominion but that’s my opinion and people have theirs.

Accurate besides the complaints on the first one. The only good one in the trilogy.

I think it’s better than fallen kingdom but not JP 3. JP 3 had a more coherent story at least.

IMO it’s the third or fourth best movie in the franchise
I think JP3 is the worst

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Not a dinosaur movie but a movie with dinosaurs in it.

Better than Fallen Kingdom

Well we will be getting a director’s cut of Dominion, will which include the prologue and deleted scenes.

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Yeah but the prologue was inaccurate, when it was supposed to be accurate.