State your reviews of Jurassic World Dominion

Totally awful and a huge disappointment. I give it a solid 1 out of 10, the new dinos are the only positive thing about it. I only recommend watching it if you have absolutely nothing else to do and you’re not even tired (even sleeping is better than this disney teenage drama/family movie with dinos instead of doggos). .


Maybe I just liked it because I had high expectations…

Here’s the new creatures scenes in a nutshell:

Quetzalcoatlus: Deserved more screentime

Iguanodon: Deserved more screentime

Pyroraptor: Deserved more screentime

Dimetrodon: Deserved more screentime

Moros Intrepidus: Deserved more screentime

Dreadnoughtus: Deserved more screentime

Giganotosaurus: Deserved more screentime

Lystrosaurus: Deserved more screentime

Oviraptor: Why Universal did you make them cut it out?

Dilophosaurus: Deserved a little bit more screentime

Beta: Deserved more screentime

Atrociraptors: Perfectly balanced

Therizinosaurus: Perfectly balanced.

Blue: Deserved more screentime

Rexy: Deserved more screentime

Mosasaurus: Why’d we get only 1 good scene of it?

So yeah, all the creature needed more screentime XD.


Yeah they went for quantity over quality.

Also there are two mosa scenes, one at the start with the ship and one at the end with wales.

I know that, I just meant the only good scene was at the beginning.

Well with all that amount of new species it was predictable that some wouldn’t have much screen time. But yeah i wished we would have gotten oviraptor at least there is a chance we might get a deleted oviraptor vs lystrosaurus scene . At least there is a chance that we get more of them in later movies, tv shows

Easily the worst movie in the franchise,even the rip-offs are better than this,feels like Ludia hired a 3-year old to make it

In short, a disappointment, a lot of wasted potential. Disastrous script, great cgi, pitiful direction, it has its good points, but the bad ones prevail


It is not a horrible movie/ You guys just only care about the plot. Screw the plot, it may be not the best, but if you’re saying it’s worse than fallen kingdom, then I don’t want to hear anything. This movie had a better story than FK.


Not just the plot,everything but cgi was utter trash.

OK, that’s laughable. CGI was amazing. They used some animatronics in there, but the CGI is some of the best in the series.

At least fallen kingdoms storyline didn’t need to have the og trio to milk them,the reason locusts plot made zero sense

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I think u read wrong,the cgi was great but everything was. Bad

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Buddy, everyone wanted the original trio. If you can’t handle that some people like a movie you hate, deal with it. I like Dominion, you don’t, end of discussion.

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10 rexes

I’m done here. I don’t want to start anything. Plot wasn’t the best, but it still was good.

Maybe if their plot actually made sense,but it doesn’t,as multi million dollar company programming locusts to only eat non-biosyn crops would totally not raise suspicion at all

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It’s a movie, what were you expecting? An actual logical reasoning for that?

It wasn’t,give a actual constructive feedback

Say apple made a virus which only attacks non apple products,people who use Samsung or android will have their phones rendered useless while iPhones do not get affected,that won’t prompt a investigation from the FBI

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