Stationary dino's? why?


so, considering that this is meant to be an augmented reality game, and we are meant to get out and hunt and dart etc, WHY are all the dino’as stationary? for a true augmented reality game shouldnt the dino’s be a little more real-acting? why dont they roam a little? would add so much more to the game? some coudl roam faster or slower than others depending on type. if a dino was out of reach you could hope it might roam your way. they could even roam in herds.



It is a good point, but there is also to be considered that the app need to be agile, so personally I don’t want dinos to wander around, but they already make this for the flying birds.


Ive always thought this would be a cool idea and would make it fun when you’re sitting at home to see what wanders into your radius, but I assume the addition of moving dinos would slow the game down. Also they would have to work out a way to keep the dinos from wandering away from streets and paths to keep them safely huntable.

Id love to sit at home though and watch a T-Rex walking my way.


Thatd be great until he he take a wide turn and stays at exactly 201 meters away while passing my house


Would fix strike tower blocking if the blocked Dino walked around a liitle.

I like the idea of them going in out of range.