Stationary while using Scents


Is it still okay to use when you don’t move around? Asking for when it is going to be too cold to go outside to play. QQ

I don’t think I want to walk around at night in the middle of winter, knowing it can and will go to -50F. x.x I’m already going to be losing out on strike events that don’t go near buildings to stay inside…don’t want to miss out on darting dinos.


I’ve only used the common ones from the comodtity of my bed, i get 3 dinos max for the duration of it.


The scents work the same whether or not your moving. Only difference is you get 2 dinosaurs each spawn after the one starting dino if you are moving. Big enough building you can pace and get the extra dinosaurs during bad weather or at night


Just did an experiment with the large common i got from the tower. It spawned 1 relatively useless dino every 2-3 minutes, and i darted 2 others that were sort of useful. It seems that with the regular common, there’s more of a chance for the odd rare or epic to spawn. Not with the large one, as far as my test goes.