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Statistically impossible?


I have lost at minimum 30 cloaks in a row. They hit me every time and I miss every time. I understand RPG, but what the hell?? I have dropped from 4100 to 3700 in no time. I cant win anything involving indominus rex no matter if I use it or my opponent. Is something broken???

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30 in a row is just over 1 in a Billion. Close enough to impossible. Much more likely Ludia hates you and has programmed your ID into their code.


this will cheer him up :smiley:


Benched Indominus few days ago, cause it wins and dies because of cloak. Gorgo is more useful.

There is a pattern in which dinos are more successful against cloak than others.


Yall crack me up. At least the couple of times I threw my phone it landed on carpet


Time to take it off your team. Relying on RNG to win is a bad idea anyways.


As much as I love riding the rng win wave to victory, I had to start replacing my penny flipping dinos with reliable hard hitters


If thats the case, switch to games like the witcher :wink: