Statistics for officers and higher players

Hello again JWA players, and specifically officers, co-leaders and LEADERS , and of course LUDIA.

As a co-leader and previously officer, I have always seen the same issue, “how to know with a good degree of certainty, how much each player plays”

Meaning if a player barely logs, wins a couple of battles opens a free incubator to have his/hers activity registered in the game, and appearing “logged last 24hs”

And another player that wins 20 battles, does every strike tower, gets 400 direct hits, and so on, EVERY DAY, will also appear as “logged last 24 hs”

As every player knows, and every officers know even more, in the members board in an alliance, you have almost NO way to tell who is more active and who barely plays.

Thats why officers NEED to have a visual on statistics:





Basically every goal that gives rewards and/or contributes to the alliance.

I personally had the experience , unfortunatelly, of guessing and almost knowing when a players plainly lies to me and tells me he/she has played, while doing the battles to register activity as said player is telling me he/she has done it

  • similarly to a kid that says "i have done my homework, while rushing to complete it that very second "

Officers that have different objectives, to just play, freely, strategically, hardcore all day long. Need to know this information

So if LUDIA can please give at least the officers, co-leaders and leaders that visual, it would come in VERY USEFUL.



try categorizing your posts in “jwa suggestions”

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Not sure. I think that’s a little invasive. As an Alliance leader myself all I need to know is when a given member logged in and a better way to say how they are doing for tournaments each week.

I don’t see why you would need to know how many battles they have won or any of that.


I agree with Colin. It may be quite invasive.

There are players that love PvP. Others prefer darting, hunting, walking, others fill easily alliance request, others play more tournaments.

Alliance members can contribute in many ways…

Example: Ok, I usually give a big amount of points in Tournaments but my job/school from Monday to Friday is so absorbing that I can not dart as much as I wanted.

And that way is done in my alliance. Leader knows some cannot do darting/PvP or vice versa but they contribute in other areas of the game.

I wouldn’t let anyone know my game stats.

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I assume you meant darting? :slightly_smiling_face:


Oops! Thanks! I’ll edit!

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10 Chars

Very much agree with your points.

But as pointed out by @Pirulass some players’ strength may be in exploration missions while some others on defense missions.

Hence, both type of players are valuable in an Alliance. As a team we complement each other. That’s what makes a team perfect…

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Yes, and we would be able to judge this if we could see their stats. I’m sure very few people are equally active at every aspect of the game, so alliance leaders would end up keeping some members who barely battle but dart a ton, or barely dart but spend full weekends tourney battling. We mainly want to weed out the people who are doing nothing but the absolute minimum, and we should have better tools for that.

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I understand your point but IMO this could go wrong.

You already have the tools.

Daily rewards/missions… ask through telegram, discord or whatever a screenshot at the end of the day of that screen…

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just check the stats ourselves rather than force every member to go to the trouble of screenshotting their missions every day?

Good idea yes and no.

Everyone brings something different to the alliance. Whilst it would be good to see if someone is actually contributing more than just logging in, you can normally tell by the weeklies and of course through communication outside the game (we use Telegram).

The pandemic hampers lots of players from getting out so they could be limited by a poor allocation of strikes / drops etc in their location. In the past 2 weeks I have only had 3 raids in reach of my house out of a possibly 32 and 2 of those were only in reach as I paid for VIP this month!

Would I like to know my personal stats - yes. There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting lots of direct hits and yet someone else beats you to the most for that level haha

My concern with this level of big data is that some players would be kicked out of alliances as leaders there become to concerned abs controlling and we’d lose a large part of the player base.

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I don’t think everything that was specified in the original post is really needed, but stuff like whether or not the player got their DBI, whether or not they got their 10 takedowns in each tournament, how many battles they participated in and how much they darted would be useful, although the last 2 are less important.

DBI isn’t that important. I tend to hold mine until we go up a level so may end up opening 2 or 3 on the same day depending on timing.