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Stats Banner


With the stat boosts making it hard to prepare for an opponent’s first move, can Ludia add a stats banner to go along with the entry animation? Showing boost-adjusted speed, health and armor. Kind of like what you would see as a baseball player walks to home plate.



From the release notes:

  • During a battle, when a creature has one or more Boosted Stats, its tooltip includes the modified attribute with specific colour treatment.
  • During a battle, when a creature that has one or more Boosted Stats is deployed, a specific icon is shown along with its name during the deploy sequence.
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I like that feature. Thinking more like when it will be a surprise speed tie situation and also to quicken game up a bit. Feel like we’ll be taking the full 15 seconds much more often.


I would like customizable intro music for dinos at the start too plz. My Monostego wants System of a Down


This idea is actually golden.

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