Stats boost

Hello, I write for ask, if you can’t put some like stats boost reset, use with cash of course, maybe 500 or 1.000 for reset all your boost spend and use it again in another Dino’s, because we advance the game and we have Dino’s we don’t use anymore with boost stats we can use in a new dino, I don’t know is only an idea.

If resets are ever a thing in the future they’re gonna be super expensive, probably $50+. Boost resetting is incredibly valuable and if people could simply reset every patch no one would buy boosts.

For resets to be worth it they’re have to be at least equal to the cost of all the sales between each patch.

But I don’t say only be every patch, I say you can reset boost use cash, maybe can be, first reset 125 cash second 500, third 1000, I say you can do it anytime you want paying some cash, because for example, I spend boost stat in a dino I don’t use now and I can use that stats in an other dino, but I can’t because we don’t have a way to reset, that I told