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Stats for nerds

Since I have a pretty insatiable curiosity I am very curious about some of these things that hopefully Ludia can shed some light on.
I understand that many of these items on the list are probably top secret or trade secrets or not for public eyes for other reasons, but some of them are just fun to share, I’m sure. I’m hoping for some cooperation, I think the community would greatly appreciate it. So here it goes!

  • What is the highest any player ever darted on a T-rex?
  • If for some reason someone managed the max on a T-rex, is there any epic that no one managed the max on yet? How about uniques?
  • What is the average darting amount that level 20 (non-vip) players get on an Apatosaurus? And Tarbosaurus?
  • What dino do people generally have the most DNA of in stock?
  • What kind of bandwidth are your servers using on average?
  • How big (GB) is your player database?
  • How many pvp battles are being played as we speak?
  • How many players have completed their 1.8 dinodex?
  • What’s the quickest any alliance ever managed to get to rank 5 exploration or defense?
  • What’s the highest level sanctuary out there now?
  • Are supply drops and other world spawns always there in your server memory or do they get generated as a player arrives in the area for the first time?
  • How many supply drops are there on the entire planet? ( My guess is at least a billion)
  • Which country has the highest players per inhabitants ratio?
  • How many battles has the player who battled the most played?
  • What is the most used phone for the game right now?
  • How many people never missed their daily reward?

@Ned, @J.C, @Jorge, @John - Which of you wants to relay this message to the team? :slight_smile:


I love stats like these as well! :smiley: I think you hit the nail right on the head with the whole “trade secrets” thing, but I’ll be sure to pass this along to our developers.

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Can’t hurt to try :slight_smile: Don’t know how high the level goes when it comes to keeping secrets at Ludia HQ :stuck_out_tongue: (I know it’s high though)
Oh, and thanks John!

a billion supply drops?
make that a trillion :sweat_smile:

Possibly! But depending on one of the other questions like “do supply drops spawn when you’re there or are they always there?” could mean a huge difference for the majority of Australia and Greenland and all of Antarctica.
When I look around on the map I see less supply drops than people, but that’s in a city area. Don’t know where you live though but Utrecht is busy :slight_smile:

I can help with one:

The max darts non-VIP can fire on Android is 12. Average DNA per encounter with Apato for level 20 would be 270.

I use Android, which has slower reaction compared to iPhone so 9 darts per non-VIP encounter is average. 10 if I can anticipate the pattern well. 11 is possible only if the creature is really slow. That 12 is just firing as soon as it becomes active. My drone is way too slow to track anything for 12 darts.

Even if I miss half of the darts getting 12 to fire is a challenge :slight_smile: I managed to get more than 330 only once. That’s on a slow Android.
But what’s the 270 based on? It’s pretty high and I’m sure most people don’t get that high per session. I’m aiming at the average of all darting sessions of all level 20 players in the world. Everr. It’s not a calculation you can make based on current known values from 1 device but a database query that would crunch the servers for a couple of seconds at least :wink:

Darting apotosaurus with VIP at level 20 450dna is the max you can get ( 15 direct hits of 30 DNA ).Screenshot_20190914-145532|245x500
I’m using a One+6 phone.
I’m a noob at darting trex tho.

Included thé wrong picture but as you can see 450 on a Common dino

I’m aware of all these things, but I wanna know server stats coming from Ludia. Things no one knows yet.
I’m fairly sure they log a lot of things and their database should be full of fun facts.

Ow oké sorry :slight_smile:
Yess it would also be cool to know stuff like how many darts we shot, DNA gathered and stuff like that.

I know right! Those should be some crazy figures.
Like all DNA ever collected by all players total :stuck_out_tongue: My guess is over 50 billion.

I live in gouda, bit smaller but same density I guess ^^
but large cities are still a tiny fraction of the full globe, so it comes down to a populated world or play field

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Piqued my curiosity with this one.
I need the answer lol.

From what ive been able to gather supply depots and such are provided via googles playable points ie all playable points are provided by google at this point ludia uses algorithms to randomize them between supply depots, sanctuaries, events depots and chests.

But when is it determined which of those it becomes?

When google updates the google map version… this is why when me and my kids used to play between the three of us one would often have a strike tower or green supply tower in an odd place. Whilr two of us had the exact same map.

Google map information is one of those update when conditions are met things then an auto update… but forcing an update has fixed the issue.

You’d have to survey users, since Ludia’s data would be wrong, but:
• What percentage of incubator and scent purchases is intentional?

For me, that percentage is zero, yet I’ve made purchases that would show up in statistics.

Ludia will also not be too eager to hand out purchase data :slight_smile:

Starting to get how this works! Thanks!
More info: