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Stats of Poukaidei

what would be the statistics according to you

according to me:


Hp: 3600
Atck: 1350
Speed: 132
Armor: 0%
Critic: 5%

Not bad

It needs a lot of attacj, it doesn’t have anything more than a strike, its just the ultimate troller, worse than we have ever encountered. It has distraction, fearless flap, and instant distraction as well as evasive strike. I would go for fearless flap and instant distraction the whole time.


Fearless flap have cooldown (2 exactly)

Like with the Haast G2, I could see this used in Mortem raids, except these will likely usually be at level 20 most of the time. I’m hoping for good stats and 132 speed (it wouldn’t make sense if it didn’t have 132.), and the strategy would be: fearless flap, distraction, ID (evasive strike in mortem raids), rinse and repeat. Another mortem move I see happening a lot would be fearless flap, ID, evasive strike, and rinse and repeat if you’re trying to get it to do 0 damage the whole time.

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