Statue of the badges


the statue of the badges (for the collection of money) is not in my market, why? where can I find it?
I had once put it back in the warehouse, now I want to put it in the park but in the market there is no … where to recover it?


Can anyone know how to help me? I can not find in my market the statue (or even the lighthouse) of the badges. to collect money with 1 click only


For this problem as others reported, the game support replied that because of their bug my account is now corrupt and if I want to play without problems I must start over with a new account.
The bug is cause them but corrupts is mine player profile.


I mean the distinctive beacon
help me


Click on market.
Click on buildings.
Place Badge Beacon.
Locate your badges on the 2nd tab of the creature glossary building
Have fun


dont work read the post please


You’re describing the revenue tower. It’s not in the market because it’s not a purchasable building. I’m sorry that happened to you. I don’t know what to do after clicking store revenue tower. That’s tuff.
Click on settings, then support, and finally contact us. Attach your support key with your issue. You will find it on the bottom right when loading app. Good luck my friend :pray:t6:


student is as student does


yes I solved through game support
a bug prevented the visualization of the tower both in the park and in the market