Status boost refund fail!

Help !! Used my attack boost refund token . Clicked on it and it lead me to a Dino I selected. I started to click the refund button and pulled back my boost. To my horror i saw that I only got 10 instead of my 20 boost ! Lost 10 boost ! Be careful this new option sucks and is not working properly. Looked back and still got the token in my inventory. When I clicked on it again the same steps ar shown to me again ! @Ned whats did I do wrong and are more people having this issues?

You sure you pressed the right button??
I refunded Attack on my Meg just fine.


Selected a Dino after I clicked on my token . Start to click te refund button just gave me 50 pct

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I pushed this button and I start claiming . It just gave me 50 pct ! Now my Lux lost 20 boost got ten in return

They gave us only the attack boost refund isn’t it? No hp or speed refund

I now what I did wrong now !! I start clicking refund button (arrow Yellow ) instead of the button with the pink arrow

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They should’ve clarified this in the patch notes, I have the feeling more people will make this same mistake because of not knowing what to press and select.


I’m a noob end was enthousiastic

Used an attack refund token and it worked as expected. Collected the second token and am unable to use it on anything. Do the boost tokens show up in inventory anywhere? I think mine just disappeared.

Where did you get the 2nd token from?

2nd token?

Where do you even tell how many boosts you have available now? I only see the refund token in place where the boosts used to be

That really sucks, im sorry.

Oh never mind I see it at the top now

I think your second was just a visual bug