Status of the game and your experience?

Hey Folks,

What are your experience of the game for now?

  • Is the arena fun?
  • Are you motivated?
  • Are your team any good?




The arena is fun in the lower arenas. My alt is in SS Arcadia, and it’s really fun there! My main is in the Library, and it’s ok. Really tough to go on a winning streak.
I am actually motivated.
My team is good. Pretty meta, although I’m trying to get Blue boosted enough for PVP


Is arena fun? no. I’ve quit PvP, I do my seasonal reset battle and then get the heck out.

Are you motivated? yes. Although I’ve quit the arena and therefore my PvP team I still have many other goals to accomplish in JWA which I am happily working towards. For example, I enjoy tournaments so that gives me a goal over the weekend. I like advantage tournaments too so that gives me a constant grind of DNA I have to grind and hunt for, for its constantly changing meta.

Is your PvP team good? I don’t really do PvP so I don’t tend to it that much. I currently sit in library with a team of LvL 28-30 commons, rares, and epics. Especially love my snake :snake:.


-kind of

  • it’s decent team of meta related 21-24
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-Depends on the battle because if i battle someone with a level 28 boosted thor and indo, it’s not fun but if i battle someone with a team that is similair in strength and doesn’t have annoying dinos, then it’s usually fun.

-yes, i’m motivated

-it’s pretty good for low/mid aviary

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Arena no fun. Battles take to long. It’s a phone game and supposed to be entertaining. Quick battles were better, and allowed people to do things they enjoyed and working on their team.

First time o been motivated since sonora release. Spent a lot of time hunting with family as my kids played the past week. Arena turned them off though

Team is great. But spending 5-10 minutes battling for incubators gets old fast

1: No. Absolutely not. I don’t even remember the last time I had a fair match in arena against a player with creature levels similar to mine.

2: Yes actually. I’m trying to get a better team in attempts to make arena more tolerable.

3: I’d say yes considering I’m holding well against teams 3-5 levels higher than mine. All creatures are unique and elite high tier or higher. However, I am soon removing Phorurex and Testacornibus from my team as to not get carried by powerful creatures.

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  1. No at 6000 trophy pvp is broken, if you don’t have the 8 Dino’s that everybody have you doesn’t stand a chance.

2 yes until I have to face always same broken Dino’s in PvP because I need incubators

3 full 30 boosted

Not enjoying anything at the moment, unfortunately. I’m in shores but 3/8 of my team need to be either replaced or have their boost setup changed – until then, I’m struggling. I don’t like tournaments anymore because they take forever with all the flocks, sloths, and general stalling, plus all the too-long animations. I don’t even run gigas anymore, because any DNA I still need is exclusive or daily (and daily creatures can’t be scented), so I only dart event dinos and what I need for missions. I was really looking forward to scenting bear, but I don’t play in the daylight hours and the spawn rate is super low anyway, so the bear may as well not exist for me. I’ve been playing less. Really hoping for some good news next month.

Finding the game less and less rewarding to play. As a F2P player it feels like I’m being left behind. Still running the same team from a few updates ago and with no boost reset in sight it looks like this is not going to change. If The data mine leaks prove correct and you need to pay to reshuffle that will be the final nail in the coffin for me :frowning:


-Not really
-Only thing carrying is my indom and rex

  1. No it’s horrible
  2. Not really, I haven’t been playing the game nearly as much as I used to be
  3. It has definitely improved recently but its still not amazing
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My team is good and I am god of free in jwa

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  1. When the RNG isn’t pulling any BS, kinda.
  2. Yeah. I enjoy helping other players get better with the Bosses, among other things.
  3. yeah, I’d say it is.
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I don’t know about anyone else but I am getting really annoyed with the game. I have a good team but it seems impossible to make any progress anywhere. I cannot get out of the aviary (after nearly three years!) and in fact am slipping further and further back because I’m constantly coming up against level 30’s, ditto tournaments…they just seem like a boring slog to get through…it’s taking forever to get enough coins to level things up and I don’t like the daily mission of having to complete campaigns especially when, no matter how I do it, I don’t seem to be able to get the stars. To be honest I’m thinking about giving it a break…does anyone else feel the same or am I just being a grumpy old woman?!

What would improve the game for me is the option to surrender in pvp and tournaments when you know you are on a hiding to nothing rather than having to sit it out when, in my case, I usually have limited time to do what I need to do e.g I’m commuting to work…also, given my current vexation with being stuck in the aviary forever I’d almost be prepared to buy my way out of it if there was that option…

Thanks for all great answers! :heart:

I totally agree on this post.
Over a few week I have dropped from 59XX to 53XX. The team is the same. :cry:

No matter how I play, I just lose :frowning:

Have there been any new information about this?

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Yes but wish I could change it without such harsh punishment